Jan. 21st, 2016

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Ah, my shoulders are starting to bother me again a little, as I've started knitting on a daily basis. I took a break on Sunday and again yesterday. Oh, well. At least, I started sewing and drawing again. :)

Out and about

I went for a nice walk on Monday. Bought fabric for some pyjamas (and, um extra, including stuff I was given for free...) at the cheap fabric store nearby, then walked along the canal. Unfortunately, the banks are closed because they're draining the canal, so it's not really pleasant. I don't know where else to walk and didn't pay attention at how long it would last.


I've listened to tons of Bowie again, and to Kite, Haujobb, Linea Aspera, Tom Waits and Memmaker.


I made myself a new set of pyjamas at the beginning of the week. The same top and pants I made before, but I added a bit more coverage on the top. I'm very happy with my modification. The silk pyjamas I made before are very nice, but my boobs are about to pop out almost all the time. >< I bought a brown cotton with yellow polka dots for the top, and a brown and gold poly for the trousers (very bling bling!). I look like I'm wearing chocolate wrapper or gift wrap. :D I had some brown cotton left so I also made the cute shorts that go with the top (it's the Fifi pattern, great, easy and well detailed pattern). I would love to make another short set with Liberty fabric. I might go and splurge at Lil Weasel next week.

Today Clémentine came over and we made our first patterns using the Pattern Magic books. I made a funny stretch top with a sort of integrated hood (I'm going to take proper photos tomorrow). Clémentine started working on a dress but the pattern is much more complicated. I can't wait to see how it turns out (especially since I also would love to make it, and I'm not the only one ;-) ) It was great to make these patterns together. These books are so clever they're a bit daunting. Turns out my pattern was super easy and the end result fits great (jersey is pretty forgiving, mind).


I'm wearing Blood Popsicle from BPAL. Wow it's been a while since I've worn perfume, and even longer since I've touched my BPAL collection. BP is lovely but so strong! I don't mind but I've only put a drop on and I've been smelling it all day.


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