Jan. 26th, 2016

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I'm well! But poor Math, who's on a break from work for 3 weeks is down with a bad cold. We're going to Berlin for a few days on the weekend of the 13th, I can't wait!


Yesterday, I listened to Siouxie, Bat For Lashes, Marsheaux, HEALTH, Rabbit Junk and lots of industrial techno while sewing. And Access To Arasaka while Math was building is Netrunner decks. :D


Big Pattern Magic day! I made a Bunka style sloper from scratch. The method is clearly detailed and relatively easy (I had to borrow a protractor from Yolanda though. Long time I hadn't used one of those!). I put together a toile that fits quite well (I had to deepen the bust darts, of course. Never enough darts at the bust, bloody G cup).

I have also shortened the shoulder width. Not bad, eh? It's possible that the front dart (from bust to waist) could be deepened a little, but then again, I have to resist the urge to make something super clingy. This isn't latex, I can use a little ease.

I then started working on a top with a knot from the first volume. It went smoothly. I used some black coated cotton I had laying around. It's not ideal because the stitches make holes, so ripping seams or even just pinning can leave holes. And it is slightly stretchy and stiff at the same time, so the seams aren't perfectly smooth. Oh well. It was fabric I got for cheap (or for free?) so experimenting with it felt alright. I have to purchase buttons to finish the top. Not sure if I'll want to wear it (mostly because of the fabric, but it is so exciting to actually manage to make my own Pattern Magic. :


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