Feb. 1st, 2016

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The cold is wearing off slowly. I hope I'll be back on the saddle tomorrow. Saturday was bad (coming home at almost 5am without a scarf does that to you) so Clémentine, who was coming to see me, bought some groceries for me. <3

I am fucking impressed with myself for going to both concerts despite feeling like utter shit because of that cold. I also haven't felt the need to use my walking stick in months. Tomorrow, I'll start exercising again. Yay me.


We spent the day marathoning Fringe and she came over again on Sunday to watch Spy.

I started watching The Closer on my own too, and it's really nice. Just what I needed to knit and rest. Brenda is wonderful. :)

Out and about

Yeah, so we were both tired on Sunday but Clémentine and I still went to the cheap fabric store nearby. I bought some black jersey, light black woven cotton (for Pattern Magic-ing), a lovely mesh fabric with a lovely drape (black, yes) and some poly thing with a black teal and white-ish tie and dye pattern (really pretty).  


I've listened to The Horrorist (natch), DSTR, Tying Tiffany (a lot of it) and IAMX.

Writing (??...!)

I wrote a very short porn text on Saturday. I had been trying for a long time to do so and I finally succeeded. I realised I have no interest in telling a story, just write sex. So I did. It needs proofreading, but I'll post it sometime soon.
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I'm very happy with these photos and very proud that Jill featured them on her blog once again, so there you go:

The Horrorist 29/01/16
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Click here to view the whole set.

Here's also a crappy video (sorry to whoever who took it) I found on youtube to give you an impression of the mood that night.


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