Feb. 26th, 2016

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I'm well. Doing many long walks. I'm leaving, probably on Monday, with [personal profile] anatsuno  for a few days in the countryside. I'll be back in Paris on the 11th before the FLA concert.

Last night, for the second night in a row, the upstairs neighbour had a party (probably because it's the holidays so they probably stashed their kid with the grandparents). Loud, frathouse style (we could hear "chug, chug, chug" every few minutes. But as I'm not chronically sleep deprived anymore and not as hypersensitive as I used to be since my fibro is in check, I could laugh it out instead of having a bad anxiety spike. Tbh I'm lucky they tolerate my music all day (they know they're welcome to tell me to turn it down). So it's only fair.

Out and about

anatsuno had an appointment at our hairdresser so I came along, after we had lunch with Clémentine at a lovely Thai place nearby. Then I walked home from the city centre. 

Then we went to a lovely restaurant with Math for our 10 years anniversary. <3 Time flies, it's amazing. I'm the luckiest woman on earth. Our connection gives me so much strength.


I listened to a lot of Kite, HEALTH, Horrorist and Schwefelgelb, also DAF and Adam Freeland.


I watched Starry Eyes a couple of days ago. It was okay (copy pasting what I posted on FB because I'm very lazy). The first hour was pretty good. Big nod to Zulawski (RIP), and to Possession in particular (which is a personal favourite). The cast is pretty good.

TW for a bit of everything: sexual assault (not very graphic, I handled it no problem, if that helps. I actually thought it was hot, but that's not a good gauge heh), strobes, self-harm, substance abuse). Also, avoid if you have a strong issue with nail things.

Good bits about power play, which was my main reason for wanting to watch it. The ending was extremely disappointing though.

Spoiler-ish: it turns into a basic slasher (very graphic though but gore scenes are easy to avoid. Don't look when she picks up the dumbbell) and the very end is a letdown altogether (with a gratuitous lesbian kiss, sure why not). /spoilers 

I'm taking recs for other horror movies (no horror porn please). I'm in the mood!


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