Mar. 26th, 2016

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Here are my photos of The KVB concert (link to the whole album).


It was again quite tricky to shoot (because the lights were very dim, but mostly because the venue was packed and it isn't easy to get a good shot from anywhere but in front of the stage there). I'm quite satisfied with the results, although I wish I had better photos of Kat.

The concert itself was very good. Great performance, great sound, super loud bass, which is far from being a problem, but thank dog for earplugs, because I was right in front of the loudspeaker when shooting (protip: people avoid standing there, so it's a good spot for shooting hehe). I wish I had been able to enjoy it more but I took photos for the most part. I still danced for a few songs (including a sepulchral "Sympathy For The Devil" cover during the encore).


Listened to a lot of ∆AIMON, KVB and Velvet Condom.


I have just watched A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. I had discarded it because I feared it would be triggery, but not at all. And: female vampire eating the patriarchy, do I need to say more?

I loved it. First of all, the photography is breathtaking. The empty and silent city is a mesmerising setting for the story. It is a movie of few words. Characters are little more than quick sketches, but it leaves all the more room for emotion. Music plays an important part, and of course that's something I'm sensitive to.

It reminded me at times of Let The Right One In, but mostly made me want to rewatch Abel Ferrara's Addiction (I haven't seen it in 20 years so don't assume similarities further than the vampiric theme and the black & white image). 

It isn't very gory (some scenes with blood and a finger cut off but you can see it coming and it isn't very realistic or nasty). The music can be quite loud during "horror" scenes but same, you can tell when it's coming (no jump scares).

Very mild spoilers with themes:

Animals: I was afraid for the cat a lot but nothing happens to him.

Coercion of a woman: a woman is pressured and physically forced to take heroin by a man she's keeping company to. It isn't too bad a scene in my opinion, but still worth mentioning.


I made myself a water bottle cosy. It took me only two days. It is very effective in keeping the bottle warm (stayed warm for the whole movie!).


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