Apr. 1st, 2016

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I've been exhausted these past couple days. I don't know if it's my thyroid going down again but ugh. I try to go out, still, because walking helps if I don't overdo it. I was supposed to go out yesterday and the day before but I was too weak. Nothing big that I'm sad missing though.


Well, we finally bought a turntable. I started buying an LP here and there because I liked the objects or because I wanted to send extra money to the bands (I think I bought Blendwerk 3 times?). Then I remember reading an article about the best prog rock albums (on Rolling Stones I think) and seeing all the artwork brought me back to my childhood and the hours spent daydreaming in front of these. I fall out of love with CDs a long time ago (they're fragile, I loathe these bloody jewel cases, and the medium itself not very reliable and durable, turns out). And so, slowly the idea grew in me and it appears I really enjoy playing records.

So yeah, down the rabbit hole I go. I ordered two more albums yesterday morning with my first coffee and have 5 more in a basket on the Storming The Base website. The good thing is it's going to be a little easier to figure out what to get Math for special occasions (we both have wishlists, here's his and mine). ;)

I've been listening to Blendwerk and Night Falls a lot, but also ∆AIMON and the preview tracks of the upcoming Sølve album (can't wait!), Mr. KItty, 3TEETH and Sonic Area. I'm finishing up a mixtape at the moment, featuring these and more.


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