Apr. 16th, 2016

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I'm doing well these days. Got back to a healthy sleeping pattern, exercising with my PT, taking walks again (the canal is back to its normal self, yay!)


It's a bit slow atm but things are going to pick up real soon. I just found by accident that Schwefelgelb will be playing in Paris in less than a month!! If you don't know their music, you've at least probably heard me talking about them a million times. :D Next weekend there's Liste Noire (ex-Velvet Condom), then later, Pelican (which I'm not sure I'll be able to afford, and be arsed to go alone), Schwefel, Horrorist and Mlada Fronta on the same night at different venues (*sigh*), Psychic TV (!!!!!!!) and finally Jad Wio and Collection D'Arnell Andrea (hey, look I'm 16 again).

Out and about

Today is record store day and Math just got some bday money so we're going to tour the records day hehe (I'm expecting an order from Storming the Base and just got two amazing records delivered, so I'll have to be good!).

Yesterday I walked to Châtelet and popped by Lil Weasel to return a magazine I borrowed, and got offered one day of work next month at the fabric store. Yay! I had a little chat with the owner of the handmade soap and organic cosmetics store (through whom I got the job at the wine fair). Then I stopped by my hair salon to show off my regrowing hair and a few baldie pics to my hair stylist. :)

There's a goth party tonight and we're planning to go, Clémentine, Physalis and I. No idea what I'll wear. It's interesting because last time I went (15 years ago, yeah...) I was super-super feminine, lacy big skirts, waspie and tits on display, so now, I'm going to have to start afresh. :)


I've been listening to Lust For Youth, Seabound, The Present Moment, Liste Noire, Hante. the new albums by Sølve, Blush Response and Youth Code and the new Ancient Methods split (I've received the limited edition with a screenprinted sleeve and blood print, love love love).



I'm in a horror movies mood and so is Clémentine, so we've watched some classic slashers together (Halloween, Friday the 13th). I also watched Noroi, which really creeped me out, and Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon, which was a bit of a let-down.


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