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I got back last night around 11pm and Math picked me up at the train station. <3 I didn't do much during the weekend apart from going to the Meet & Greet, didn't go to the city centre at all, but on the upside, I didn't make my injuries any worse, which was my big worry, so that's a big win! I'm very happy I got to hang out with my friends and I probably rested more all in all than I would have in Paris (also their flat is so fresh! I had no headache for the whole weekend! And of course I woke up with one this morning, in our stuffy overheated flat, ugh).

I saw the physio today and we decided to take a break for a little while until I recover a little bit. I think rest is the best course of action for now so that's good.

I also have two things yet to try to get better regarding my neck/shoulders/migraines issues. First, get a mouth guard made. I'm seeing my dentist in a couple of weeks to have the mold made. Hopefully this should help with the teeth grinding/clenching and maybe solve some related issues since teeth can really impact on the neck, shoulders and cause headaches as well. Second, I want to stop taking my year-long migraine treatment since it seems to be ineffective now. I am already cutting down the dose (we had augmented with the neuro just before Xmas and I'm going back to where I was before since it didn't change a thing) and I'll quit completely with his advice. I have an appointment in a few weeks. The side effects of the drug (topiramate) are, among many others, muscle weakness, joint issues, and formication (which I definitely have and can't wait to be rid of because it's horrible. I constantly feel like there's a bug crawling under my clothes, multiple times a day. By now I know it's paresthesia but it's still freaky and I hate going to parks/gardens/places with bugs because of that). I don't know if I'll go without treatment or try yet another one, we'll see, but by now I am back to where I started when my migraine started 8 years ago, which is monthly crisis that last for about 2 weeks (except that now I have efficient pain meds).

So yeah, let's hope things progress one way or another. :)

Since I didn't go out in Amsterdam, I didn't spend as much as I thought I would so I bought a little music this morning. :) The latest Databomb Ka-Spel thing, the new Mr. Kitty song, and Ritual by Wychdoktor.
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Meet & Greet was delightful! We arrived at the hotel right after a general power cut so people had scattered about a little bit but we said hi to Lara Aimee, met Maja Stina and promptly got jumped on by a slightly tipsy Ulorin Vex. Clémentine had never met her so she was all aflutter. And she introduced us to Clayton. I was very happy to catch up with friends and former clients Mira and Orphée (the later who was sporting a kimono and hakana we made him a few years ago).

We left our coats in Mirja and Xander's hotel room and went to the cocktail proper. I'm name dropping like mad but I'm going to forget people, I'm sorry! Sue from Kinky Beats was here with a colleague sporting an HMS Snaffle dress, which suited her superbly. Michiel greeted us and provided me with water (it was a water fueled cocktail for me lol). We said hi to Bommi and caught up Tony Mitchell, who was gathering his motivation to go and take photos around. Met with Amy from Am Statik, who was wearing a stunning outfit which I assume was of her creation. Said hi to Onna Sakura, Barbara and Massimo from Ardita Fetish Fashion, Aurore Petite Sukub, caught up a bit with Stephane Roy, Kay Morgan and Psylocke.

I had an interesting discussion about the state of the fetish scene and the saturation of the latex market with Rene De Parade (many which was said again later in the car with Barbara Ardita). Then the Swedish girls arrived all together, Sister Sinister (who gave us hugs aplenty), Elegy Ellem, Starfucked,.. A creepy guy who was high on pot and maybe more got chastised by Louva and I assume thrown out the party, to everyone's relief. People started playing a bit here and there mildly.

Two ladies from Inner Sanctum introduced themselves to me (I don't know where people know me from!) and talked to me about a project they have to get designers together online. They were disappointed to hear I quit but I'm still interested to help them out. Sounds like something interesting but I'm not sure I can talk about it. Then I saw Roswell and yelled with no class to get her attention. And we got Roswell hugs and company. :) She introduced us to her roommate for the weekend, Riona Noire. Brigitte More came to say hi, which was nice.

I spent a good part of the evening sitting and taking it easy and as usual people assumed I was bored out of my skull. I just enjoy being quiet! That and an occasional resting bitchface. :P But it was really nice being there. My leg didn't bother me much once we were at the cocktail, but my neck started cramping up very quickly. My dear Mira Domina gave me a super gentle and relaxing neck massage, prrrrr.

A part of me had missed the scene, another part of me is still super blasé of these events where it's basically women in very sexy outfits posing against walls at every occasions and a lot of guys in jeans running around with cameras. None of them are bad people, but it's a very unsettling spectacle. Some claim it is about women empowerment and a part of it definitely is, but a lot, A LOT, of it clearly isn't any different from playboy parties. It's not an issue of dressing sexy (of course not) but rather of attitude. Many women seem to dress sexy first and foremost for the cameras and the male gaze and can't step out of their character for a second. I understand showing up to show yourself and wanting pictures (I've done that and still do to a point) but it's a bit unsettling when it takes over everything else and prevents someone from having a conversation or relax altogether. It probably stems from either a total commitment to your modelling career or from insecurity, either way I can understand (I've been/am both a workaholic and an insecure person) but still I'd rather hang out with someone who is ok with sitting down, no matter the stomach rolls or the latex creases, and who can sustain a conversation without having to look around to locate the photographers.

Aaanyway, we stayed until 1 am or so and then our ride was ready to go. Massimo and Barbara Ardita kindly drove us home (back to Xander and Mirja's) and we had a good night's sleep. :)


Mar. 13th, 2015 09:47 am
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I'm in Amsterdam you guys! I wasn't sure I was going to make it but here I am. Long story short I had to run an errand on Wednesday and it was a bad, bad idea and my thigh was hurting worse than ever in the evening. I thought it would be better in the morning but it wasn't. So I pondered cancelling my trip because at that point I can barely walk more than 15 minutes without hurting like hell (in addition to not being able to knit, sew, paint, work on dolls, write, exercise, file papers or do anything with my hands because of my shoulders). A crutch is not an option, obviously.

But I really wanted to see my friends. And I was afraid Clémentine wouldn't go on her own if I cancelled (our tickets are non refundable). And it wouldn't be the first time I went to Mirja and Xander's place to be a couch potato.

So we went! Yesterday's trip was actually not awful on my leg (or at all). My leg not better, but it's not worse (which is my main concern, walking on a quad tendonitis is not a great idea, although I CAN'T stay on my ass all day -and the doc agreed- because of my back). Today I'm going to stay in and rest. Tonight we're going to the Dominatrix Meet & Greet (which I'm half looking forward to, half dreading) and I should see model and photographer friends from the fetish scene I haven't seen from ages (and also, er, non-friends people, which might be... interesting). It shouldn't be too taxing on my leg since we're getting a lift to and from the venue and I can stand alright, it's walking that is an issue really. I really don't want to make it worse so I'm going to be very careful.

We had a lovely meal last night and chatted all together and caught up on life things. We shared a few Sadaharu macarons and petted Yoshi the cat. Since Mirja was working in the living room late at night, they left Clémentine and I their bedroom and the two of us went to bed around half past midnight. I'm the first up (apart from Xander who's gone to work now), listening to music in the living room and having tea. :)

No music recap but Haujobb helped I felt hurt and distressed so, there, have a video of Dejan and Daniel fixing a car. :D



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