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I've finally managed to take photos of our finished apartment! Here's a little tour! :)

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A list feels like less writing to do when in the end it's pretty much the same with lots of dashes:


-Did yoga for the first time in months. It's like discovering it again. It is awesome!

-We did the first prototype for the next collection yesterday, plus a super accessory. I can't say much but I am proud! Also, brainstorming with someone instead of thinking hard on my own is so good! And so productive!

-I haven't worn my spoon pendant in a while. I sorta forgot about it. It's good news.

-Having a full length mirror at a reasonable distance makes me want to dress pretty. I can finally see what I actually look like, win!

-I know it's old news for most but me, but: baking soda rocks! Why bother with detergents when it cleans a lot of stuff effortlessly (esp the tub! Also I'm always afraid to take a bath and not to have rinsed the detergent properly. Baking soda is good for the skin, double win!)

-Scored the most beautiful Marc Jacob silk skirt in a 2nd hand shop for less than what you'd pay for a silk skirt at Zara. Will wear it for our exhibition opening.

-Currently reading Thérèse Raquin by Zola. Love that book. I didn't remember much of it and what I remember I haven't read yet (and I've read 90% of the book. Um... wondering if I'm confused with another book? Lol)

-The bathroom is finished. The kitchen is 95% finished (we have to put some knife racks and rails up and buy an new oven and fridge). The bedroom is 95% finished (we have to put the curtains up -and buy some art for the wall, but this is going to take some time). The living room is still messy with boxes but they should clear quick once we have built the new bookcases.

-Watched the Millenium trilogie and I have a girl crush on Noomi Rapace. :3

Not good:

-My wrists and arms have been hurting like crazy for the past week. It wakes me up at night and in the morning. I don't know where it's coming from. Too much work? Bed? Random shit?

-I fucked up trying to put a shelf on the wall. Eep! I have to fix my shit and try again tomorrow.

-So, yeah, the huge job I mentioned earlier didn't pan out as well as it could have. I did land a huge order and got well paid for it, but it was supposed to be showcased on a huge TV event and that did not happen. Heh, next time!

I'm not sure (lol):

-The cat is perplexed by the double mirrors on our new wardrobe. It's an angle one so she sees multiple cats instread of one reflection. She stares at it a lot and meows.
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 I haven't been posting much lately since my days have been pretty full. Between work and unpacking/dealing with the workers, there is not much time left for anything.

The flat isn't finished yet but it's being steadily done. Lately the days are split between the joiner and the painter, both finishing the kitchen and the closets in the corridor (or what's left of it, since a wall is gone). They both do a remarkable job. The problem is mostly with the contractor who is so badly organized that I now have the workers numbers and deal with their schedule myself. The kitchen should be done tomorrow (how many times have I said that? lol), except for a screw up that will have to be fixed later this week. A problem again caused by the contractor's lack of organization/focus. (We were making the kitchen plan, and he told us we could not have the sink and the stove next to each other on the counter, so they should be each on one end. And then the electrical plugs can't be around the stove or the sink for obvious security reasons, so they'd have to be in the middle of the counter. But he printed a plan and drew the stove in the middle and the plugs on one side. *facepalm* So every worked did his thing, except now we have to move plugs that ended up with the stove, so we have to break and redo part of the mosaic. Ugh.)

We went to Ikea on Friday and got a new bed and mattress and lots of stuff for the kitchen and bathroom. I'm unsure about the mattress. The first night was horrid but turns out I forgot to put my extra cushion under my pillow. Ouch, my back! Last night was ok but not great. I am afraid the mattress might be too soft. We got the Sultan Erfjord ( the most expensive, eep!) but we can exchange it within a month (provided the cat doesn't ruin it). I don't know what kind of hardness we should get. Math doesn't like too hard (futon hard is a no-no) but I need not too soft. It doesn't help that we spend 2 months sleeping on an old mattress on the floor at the temp flat. I think my scale might be a bit screwed up.

About work, well, I have loads of it. I was hoping for a break after Xmas, but it isn't happening. I also did sales on my shop for 10 days. I know, I know, if I don't want more work that's not the smartest thing to do. But I feel I kinda owe it to my customers. Sales are nice and people who wouldn't buy otherwise can afford shiny things. I pondered extending the sales period and I got back to my senses. I don't need the work, so I have to stop acting crazy. But I have such a hard time not taking work when I can get some! Probably a remainder of when I was flat broke.

There is also this customer who made a purchase for a few stuff through Etsy. She mailed me because she wanted more things and needed guidance. Fact is we're leaning towards a 3000+ euros order. Eep! I keep playing Tetris with my schedule to see how I can make it fit and not extend my turnaround too much. It's great of course (that kind of money all at once would pay for a fancy wardrobe, and then I could still make lots of savings), but it's really stressful too! Although customers that spend that kind of money are usually a breeze to deal with, as surprising as it may sound.

Anyway, I could have done with a quiet weekend (did I mention I have been up at 8:30 every morning this week to welcome the workers?). But no, I was tending a booth at a fetish party in Paris last night. I was really on my knees but Math came with me to help me install everything and Clementine joined me on the stand around midnight. I left at 3am and she did the end of the night. Math came to pick everything up at 7am (on a Sunday morning, bless him!) The night was actually really pleasant (once I managed to get rid of the migraine). I met lots of people, had lovely discussions. I sold enough to pay Clementine, the taxi and the booth rental and a bit more. No big money but those events are great to make new contacts and often people order shortly afterwards.

I think I should spend the day in bed reading and drinking tea. But I have the urge to unpack more boxes. We're getting there, but there are so many of them left everywhere!

Back home

Jan. 12th, 2011 11:11 pm
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 We're back home! We moved our mattress and wardrobe when I came back from work and the workers plugged the fridge and cleaned up things a bit. It's still mostly stacks boxes and furniture all over the place, except for the bedroom, but tomorrow, 2 workers will be there to help us unpack and put everything in the right place.

I must say for now it's a bit underwhelming but it's probably because nothing is done yet. The place is still so messy, half of it covered in plastic. There is mostly the kitchen to finish, and all our stuff is stored in the living room. I think I will feel better when the living room can actually be lived in.

The cat was pretty distressed when we brought her in. She was mewing quite a lot. Now she's been around the place a few times already, she's eaten and laid on the bed a bit. She's sceptical but seems ok.

But everything is looking great. The flat overall seems so much bigger. And clean. Well, under the ton on dust lol. And we have a nifty bathroom. Our tub is gigantic. I think I might go have a bath right now. OMG towel warmer!
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Tattoo is healing well, not itchy, not scabby yet. The cream the tattoo artist recommended me is really great. I've put small amounts on dry patches on my hands, my chapped lips and redness on my face and they've all receded after one application. This might become my new magical remedy.

Yesterday we picked the paint colours for our flat. The painter gave us the colour swatch, it's a huge pantone!! So much better than anything we've seen in shops! Exciting!

I saw [ profile] mirja and [ profile] x5nder yesterday. I can't believe it had been a year since we saw each other. It made me realize that I am not the best for keeping in touch with friends. I have a hard time writing lengthy emails (or lengthy anything, for that matter. It takes me at least an hour to write a blog entry like this) so anyone who isn't often on instant chat or facebook easily goes through the net of my less than perfect communication system.

I'm going to try to improve on that. This new blog might actually be a first step in keeping the communication open and constant. So people, if you read me, comment and say hi, so I know that you came by. :)
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Well, sort of.

Math and I are temporarily living in a flat across the hall, while ours is being entirely redone. All our things are packed. It's been a month.

In our apartment, the builders tore down walls, removed the tub, the sink, the kitchen everything. Then they built a new wall separating our big room into a living room and a bed room, made our crooked walls a bit less crooked, dug a closet in a wall, built another closet, put new tiles, a sound-proof ceiling...

2 more weeks to go! The are almost done putting the mosaic tiles in the bathroom. I'm so happy! I have always loved mosaic and having some at home feels like a dream come true (I know it sounds cheesy but that's how much I love it). Finding the tiles proved more difficult than I thought, but Math found a great website and we now have the prettiest lilac mosaic. :)

It is the first time ever I get to decorate and furnish my home from absolutely zero. It's very exciting and a bit overwhelming. Doing it with Math is even better. We agree on most things, which helps, hehe. We make up our minds quickly and I think we're both really happy with what we got now.

At the moment, we're both feeling quite cramped in the tiny temp flat. It's ok but we're eager to move back. I worry that it's going to clash with the holidays and make the organisation even more stressful. Especially since we're supposed to host both the dinner on Xmas Eve with my mum and the meal on Xmas with my inlaws.

On a total unrelated note, I've been coughing pretty badly for a month now. I've seen the doc twice and apparently it's a virus, so I have to wait it out. The cough fits are impairing my sleep quite a lot . They actually have prevented me to sleep altogether for a couple of nights. Which also means that I've spent quite some time reading at night. I have just finished L'Hypnotiseur, a swedish thriller which I really enjoyed. (I've checked, it's been translated in english too. Creepy cover!) I've ordered another thriller online but it hasn't arrived yet. It's probably the fact that I have nothing to read (all the books are packed!) that made me stop procrastinating about that blogging thing. Anyway, more thriller recommendations are welcome!

The cough is worrying for one thing. I have pretty strong fits and I'm getting tattooed on Thursday. Obviously it might be a problem, especially since I'm getting a fairly large piece (shoulder and half of the bicep) done, with a lot of details. I've bought almost all the kinds of the otc losanges I could find and tonight my cough is finally receding.

OMG. Tattoo! Excited and nervous! Be prepared for slightly bloody pictures in a couple of days.


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