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I got back last night around 11pm and Math picked me up at the train station. <3 I didn't do much during the weekend apart from going to the Meet & Greet, didn't go to the city centre at all, but on the upside, I didn't make my injuries any worse, which was my big worry, so that's a big win! I'm very happy I got to hang out with my friends and I probably rested more all in all than I would have in Paris (also their flat is so fresh! I had no headache for the whole weekend! And of course I woke up with one this morning, in our stuffy overheated flat, ugh).

I saw the physio today and we decided to take a break for a little while until I recover a little bit. I think rest is the best course of action for now so that's good.

I also have two things yet to try to get better regarding my neck/shoulders/migraines issues. First, get a mouth guard made. I'm seeing my dentist in a couple of weeks to have the mold made. Hopefully this should help with the teeth grinding/clenching and maybe solve some related issues since teeth can really impact on the neck, shoulders and cause headaches as well. Second, I want to stop taking my year-long migraine treatment since it seems to be ineffective now. I am already cutting down the dose (we had augmented with the neuro just before Xmas and I'm going back to where I was before since it didn't change a thing) and I'll quit completely with his advice. I have an appointment in a few weeks. The side effects of the drug (topiramate) are, among many others, muscle weakness, joint issues, and formication (which I definitely have and can't wait to be rid of because it's horrible. I constantly feel like there's a bug crawling under my clothes, multiple times a day. By now I know it's paresthesia but it's still freaky and I hate going to parks/gardens/places with bugs because of that). I don't know if I'll go without treatment or try yet another one, we'll see, but by now I am back to where I started when my migraine started 8 years ago, which is monthly crisis that last for about 2 weeks (except that now I have efficient pain meds).

So yeah, let's hope things progress one way or another. :)

Since I didn't go out in Amsterdam, I didn't spend as much as I thought I would so I bought a little music this morning. :) The latest Databomb Ka-Spel thing, the new Mr. Kitty song, and Ritual by Wychdoktor.
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It's been a while ! Wow. Here's what's happened lately :

I've started preventive meds for my migraines. The first week was rather hard because I was drowsy as hell/saying nonsense but was sleeping like a log. The drowsiness has worn off but I still sleep well (not waking up a zillion time) and WITHOUT EARPLUGS ! I had been sleeping every night with earplugs for years now and honestly, I didn't think I would ever be able to do without them. I've also had a couple of short headaches, instead of migraines. Nothing too long or too painful. I have a new migraine drug for the actual migraine attacks but I've been migraine-free so far.

We have an oven ! It's amazing ! I'm still working 4 days a week and having more energy on my days off so I've been cooking and baking quite a lot (compared to the past months since we've had the flat redone). With Math, we've made lasagna bolognese, raspberry and white chocolate muffins (twice), a carrot cake, burgers... I love cooking, I've missed it so much. Now that we have the oven, I seem to be able to find my marks in the new kitchen. Now I'd love to make another cheesecake (only ever made one at [ profile] anatsuno's), kaab ghzal (Moroccan pastries that I have already made a few times), salmon lasagna, a grapefruit tart (lemon tart style, no idea how this would turn out), quiche lorraine, a chicken pie...

I've had an electromyography. It was not terribly unpleasant (having electrodes pinned into your hand side with needles isn't the nicest thing but it was okay). And I'm fine ! Nothing wrong with my nerves or muscles. The neuro said my leg pains might be related to my blood circulation. So I'm back to see my doc in a week and we'll see.

I haven't been wearing my corset as much as before because of my migraines and my general state. It might not be a bad thing since I was also unable to do yoga and I need to keep toning my tummy and back muscle when corseting. I have received the mock-up from Electra, sent an email about a few things regarding the fit. I am so excited ! I can't wait to have the final corset (although it turns less and less likely that I'll have it in time for my birthday).

I'm having a hard time reading. The migraine meds made it impossible in the beginning and even now, I'm slow and confused. But it'll pass, I'm sure. I'm 10 pages from the end of All Tomorrow's Parties and I can't seem to read more than one page at a time, so it's a bit frustrating lol.

I've started training a new (third) girl at work. She's a classmate of Clementine. She's keen and she's already showing some skills (after a couple of sessions).

I've started doing my make-up again almost ever day. I'm now sporting a brown pixie cut which makes it easier. I honestly felt like a clown with anything more than blush with my turquoise or pink hair. Not that I regret having bright-coloured hair, I sort of miss it but I like being able to blend in for now. I've treated myself and bought a bright red moisturising lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent and I wear it very often. I've also started painting my nails during weekends, while watching series. I've never been to keen on nail polish, except when I was a goth. It's fun ! My favourite colours now are a dark teal, a lime green and a mid grey. I might give myself a grey manicure today.:P

I'm still avoiding sugar as much as possible as an « experiment ». I'm having cheese for breakfast, no dessert most of the time, no more chocolate in the evening, unless I'm craving it (which is less and less since I've reduced my sugar intake) and a treat when I feel like it. I don't want to deprive myself or get frustrated, but the less sugar I eat, then less sugar I crave. I still bake and love eating my baking.:) I think I've only had one « hypoglycaemia » attack in a month (we're not sure it is hypoglycaemia, hence the quotation marks).

I've been watching : the IT Crowd (thanks to [ profile] mirjaand [ profile] x5nder) and I love it, despite a few annoying episodes, Unforgettable, whose main actress reminds me a great deal of Bianca Beauchamp (the show is ok so far, nothing ground-breaking), Prime Suspect, which is a chauvinistic-fest with an interesting female lead (mixed bag much), SVU without Meloni (*sadface*), The Field of Blood (a British 2 episode serie that I'm really loving. I still have to watch part two), Fringe (AWESOME!), House (season premiere was cool ! I love House, even now that it's getting crappier. The latest seasons I might not watch 5 times, I'll watch the first 4 ones a sixth...), Castle (it's fun, although I had totally missed the season finale, started watching the premiere and was all « Whut ??? »), Law and Order UK (Jamie Bamber \o/), Law and Order CI (as mind-numbing weekend marathons) and finally, I've started watching The Good Wife. I'm still at the beginning but I'm already completely hooked. I'm trying to resist the urge to marathon it, so I can make it last.

Today, I might bake, and watch a bunch of stuff while doing my nails. I'm off tomorrow too. I don't know what I will do, but I need to rest. I gave 12 people a latex crafting workshop yesterday. It was fun but super tiring.
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When we visited Berlin a few months ago with Math, I acquired a beautiful corset from To.mTo. It is my first proper corset (I only own a Vollers) and it is a beautiful piece of craftmanship. I haven't worn it outside yet and I was wondering earlier what to wear with it. I might make myself a simple brown latex dress to go with it, although I feel more and more like adding a little diversity to my party outfits, and not wearing just latex anymore.

 <- Here it is, lovely lovely! :)

I also have bought some fancy eye patches at Gothfoxdesigns. They have just arrived yesterday. I actually bought them to wear when striken by migraine. I have recently had strongly one sided migraines and blocking my hurting eye was quite helpful. One of them matches my corset. ;)

I have been lusting after a few items from Artifice Clothing too, but I don't own anything from them. It's quite new for me to want to buy alternative clothing since I can make my own stuff. But I realize how much I love well made alternative clothing, and I love to purchase at another independent designer.

Anyway, earlier today, I thought that maybe one day I could branch out and open a shop where I would sell a selection of items by designers that I really love. Not just my stuff anymore, but a variety of corsets, jewels, clothing and accessories. If it were to ever happen, it would be in a long time from now, of course. And it will most likely remain a fantasy.

But I noticed that it is the first time since I started HMSlatex that I have thought of ever doing something else than just making and selling my own latex. The thought took my by surprise, I must say. I guess it's the sign that I finally feel confident now in my business, financially and mentally. I can afford a workshop, an assistant. I know that it won't collapse tomorrow, even if there will be ups and downs. There are loads of stuff to accomplish. It is in fact just the beginning, but it's getting there. I don't know where, but it's getting somewhere, steadily.


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