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I used the 2m silk remnants I bought at Tissumarket for 10€ to make this dress. I expected the silk to be slippery and difficult but it was in fact very easy to sew (cutting not so much, I had to cut the front facing twice because my shears slipped).

My pleating, however, was a mess. I am not very precise nor careful when sewing (using a lot of jersey didn't help, because it's so forgiving). I had to unpick the seams of a few pleats (unpicking silk, yeahhh) that weren't quite straight. I ended up winging it, recutting the neckline and fudging with the facing until it matched more or less. I was pretty mad with myself because I really wanted to do everything properly and I felt like I messed up remarkably. But! The finished garment is in fact very neat.

The neckline is a bit too wide (yeah, I need to do something about that. I went down one size for the neck width but it wasn't enough). but other than that, it's a nice dress!

Alpha silk

Apr. 24th, 2013 06:08 pm
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 I spend the day with my best friend and her baby at the park. I feel so relaxed (I have yet to hear this baby cry lol). I managed to snap a couple of pictures of the silk I dyed yesterday.

I have expensive taste so it comes as no suprise that I loved dyeing this! I love the smell, the rich touch, the subtle sheen. Am I the only one who wants to eat it?

It is 100% tussah silk. It is damn hungry for dye and it takes a lot more dyestock than wool to obtain the same shade. It is lace, about 850m for 100g. The skein was tied a bit small and it looked a bit frumpy after dyeing, but it is relaxed and beautiful now that it is dry.


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