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I finally got my shit together and took some photos of the wonderful stole my friend knit for me for Xmas. Because words can't describe its beauty accurately. And its shape is perfect, I can wear it so easily, it hasn't left my neck for all winter and my shoulders/lap at home.

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La prochaine vente sera le 17 décembre à 21h. Ce sera une Sweater Sale, une vente avec des quantités plus grandes, qui répondront à vos besoins si vous voulez vous faire des pulls ou autres… Les colis devraient arriver avant Noël si vous commandez le soir même pour la France.

The next shop update will on December 17th, at 9pm. It will be a Sweater Sale! I will be selling larger batches, so you’ll be able to indulge your sweater cravings among other things. The parcels should reach you in time for Xmas if you order in the evening to be shipped to France.

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Yesterday evening was really nice. We spent Xmas Eve with my mom as usual. We had really nice food (foie gras, snails, capon with chestnuts and butternut and a delicious buche).

We had a heart to heart discussion about my father, my childhood, their separation and my mom's borderline disorder. No drama, quite the contrary, in fact.

I was absolutely spoiled with presents, including a great headphone set (the one I had is an old one Math gave me and it is quite damaged) and a herb garden to grow from mom, and lingerie and a kinky Slocombe book from Math (and the MBA of course).

I actually managed not to eat too much, nor get absolutely drunk (quite a bit though). So I woke up refreshed this morning (alcohol makes me very tired in the morning, even though I don't suffer from the typical hangover symptoms).

I'm impatient to spend my holidays at [ profile] anatsuno's ! Just 2 days of work left and we're leaving for 10 days. Longest holidays in several years !
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I had time to digest the park incident. I went running again and finally did week 2 of C25K !

I went Xmas shopping today and it was quite an ordeal. I like shopping and I was feeling rather energetic but a lot of people doing Xmas shopping seem to turn into savages, really.

So I had some delicious lentil and foie gras soup and white wine and sushi for comfort. And we watched the Good Wife. So, there.

Also, I found a fantastic sweater for my mom at Benetton. I hope she'll like it.
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Ohai everyone. Woop, it's Xmas soon ! We got a tree today (that has yet to be decorated) and the general preparations make me all bouncy !

Also, I got myself an early present and bought a Macbook Air second hand yesterday. It looks brand new, and it's so lightweight and pretty. I'm getting used to it quicker than anticipated.

I'm still running several times a week. I went to the podiatrist and he made me orthopaedic insoles to correct an imbalance that caused various minor ailments. He was nice and showed me some stretching exercise.

I'm progressing very slowly. It is fair to say that I have never really exercised in my life apart from recent yoga at home. I managed to do as little as possible in PE at school, if anything (I was a well-liked kid and managed to get away with being super bratty sometimes).

I bought a heart rate belt which helps finding a good pace so I don't get out of breath. I started the C25K plan but I'm more or less stuck at week 1. Oh well. I enjoy myself and it does me good. It isn't surprising that I need time to find my pace and improve my stamina. I actually walk a lot and run some, but it isn't frustrating at all.

Two days ago though, I was running in the park and saw a young woman getting pushed and yelled at by a guy. She was crying rather hysterically and the guy seemed very agitated. I was afraid to step in and regretted deeply the fact that I wasn't carrying my phone with me to call the cops. Luckily a tall man got involved, breaking up the fight (well, pushing the man away) and we could talk a bit to the woman. She told me the man was her ex and that he wouldn't leave her alone. The ex decided to go on the bridge, climb over the fence and announced that he was jumping. Now, I have been in an abusive relationship that ended up in a very similar fashion to what I was witnessing. And you know what, fuck the guys who want to pretend to kill themselves to emotionally blackmail their exes into coming back to them. That's not how relationships work. Ever.

So I took the woman with me inside of a restaurant and asked the waiter to call the cops. I told her that I was in a relationship like that before, that I understood was she was going through. I wish I had time to say more but I guess the ex saw his act wasn't working, because he was soon following us in the restaurant. He tried to force her out with him but other people stepped in. So he went out and screamed at everyone that he loved her, blah blah blah. I'm amazed that some guys think it's reasonable to shove women around and scream at them and make them cry to prove their love. I'm even more amazed that I was this woman a few years ago.

I remember distinctly that before we arrived he was pulling her towards the bridge so I still wonder if his intention was not to have her jump with him or plain push her. I was so fucking relieved to see that other people got involved and props to the guy who jumped in first. I am not proud to say that I chose to walk away once a dozen people were involved. I couldn't reach the girl and I was scared. My hair colour and my glasses make me a rather identifiable person and I was afraid the guy would remember me and go after me if we ever were to cross path again. I still am a bit afraid but if he is anything alike my ex, I don't think anything of that kind will ever happen. Not that he was anything but awful, but not to the point of assaulting strangers in the street.

Anyway, this was rather triggering. It made me revive years of abuse and this morning I woke up with the horrible feeling of resignation I had in me all these years. Remembering how inescapable it felt. I hope that young woman manages to find a way out. Soon.
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 So we had to have Xmas Eve with my mum at the temporary apartment since our flat is not about to be ready yet (we're moving back on the 8th, hopefully it's be done then, but I'm doubtful). The temporary flat is small and cramped because we have a lot of our stuff there (and some in the basement). The kitchen is tiny and as non functional as can be. There is just a sink, the metal side of the sink and an electric stove. No counter, no table, no nada. Also, no oven. The janitor was very kind and offered us to use one of the flats in the building so my mother could spend the night (there is a business of flats being sublet to travellers mostly, the temp flat we have is one of those as well).

In the end, it was lovely. We did everything last minute, even more than usual. On Monday, we went present shopping. On Tuesday we tried to order a cake at our favourite bakery but I guess they were too busy with the Xmas shoppers crowd to answer the phone. On Wednesday, Math finally reached them and was told it was too late to order anything but to come early on Thursday, that there would be plenty. He also went to the butcher's to order some meat thing, and he picked a nice boned duckling stuffed with mushroom and ground meat. So on Xmas Eve day Math got most of the food, cake (queued for an hour!), meat, sweet potatoes, chestnuts and we went together to the traiteur to choose some white wine, foie gras and other appetizers.

We managed to put the oven between the sink and the stove (not super safe, but we didn't use the water so it was ok, I guess). I made some mashed sweet potatoes with ginger. Unfortunately we had some yellow sweet potatoes, not orange ones, so it looked less appetizing that it could have, but I can't make the difference between one kind or the other before peeling them.

We cleaned the flat and brought a chair and the over back from the mount of boxes in our apartment. I found a piece of Japanese fabric that was too small to be used as a table cloth. So I folded it and put it across, in the centre. I went to the flat I booked for my mom to make her bed.

My mother had no problem on her way, despite the snow, and arrived at 7. I was wearing a sleeveless dress and a cardigan so she saw my tattoo quickly. She said she was nicely surprised, that it was very feminine and suited me well. Phew! She had brought Xmas decorations with her, so we gave a nice holiday feeling to the flat. We didn't have the room to get a tree, so we made a Xmas chest of drawers instead. :D


We went to show our flat and what had been done to it to my mother, who was impressed of the change. It does look bigger now that the bedroom and living room are divided. And our blue kitchen really rocks (it's really not done, but the walls are painted and a counter was laid against the wall, so you could see the colours next to each other, lush!)

The meal was lovely. I really enjoy cooking and treating my mother. We had white wine with salmon tartare (with a raspberry on top!) and then foie gras stuffed with figs. Then we had the duckling with chestnuts (my mother loves them!) and sweet potatoes purée. My mum had brought a delicious bottle of Mercurey to go with it. Then we had a break and exchanged gifts.

I got a lovely gold ginkgo leaf brooch, sequinned slippers and chocolates from my mom (she has ordered more gifts online but they haven't been delivered yet!) and riding-boots-shaped wellies and a COS tuxedo-inspired dress from Math. Math got plushy cow slippers, headphones, a board game and chocolates from my mom and a honeycomb photo light accessory and a porcelain manekineko from me. And my mother got her favourite perfume (Pleasures from Estée Lauder), a subscription to Courrier International magazine, and a vibro. She had been asking, allegedly jokingly, for one for quite a while now. She mentioned it to me maybe 5 times and also told our hairdresser lol (we go to the same place). Well, I didn't actually give her the vibro yesterday. First, she tends to get quite drunk, thus rather loud and quite mischievous (turns out we all drank quite moderately), and I could easily imagine the jokes she could. Then, Math felt a bit uneasy with the idea. So I actually slipped it in her bag this morning while she was in the bathroom, with a note on it “Open me at home :-)”, just to make sure she doesn't open it in the train station (oh, the hilarity!). I picked the Layaspot btw. I wanted the brown one but they didn't have it, so I took her the lilac one. :)

I'm pretty astonished at the quantity of gifts my mother brought us, given her not so great financial situation. Well, I know she's managing quite well and I'm certainly not complaining. I think I should get her a Eee PC for her bday in 2 months. Recommendations are welcome.

We hugged plenty and then ate the mandarin, blackcurrant, coconut and lemon buche. Then we had a decaf and went to bed.

We had croissants this morning and my mom just left (with her vibro in her bag, hehe, success!) And OMG, the flat where my mom spent the night has a tub, and I have the keys till Monday. I'm sooo having a bath! I'm staying in it till Monday!! I miss my tub, I'm fed up with showers only.
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 I was working today (well, a couple of hours finishing an order, and a few more hours of fun tweaking my bra pattern). I had already worked a bit later on Friday, getting ahead on my schedule and starting on Monday's work (that would be what I finished today). So, tomorrow: shopping! :) Math and I were having a hard time finding each other presents for Xmas so we've decided to go shopping together.

We still haven't really planned what we're going to cook for Xmas Eve with my mum. We're going to go to the butchers nearby that makes nice and fancy stuff for the holidays and pick something, and we'll get an assortment of starters at the traiteur downstairs. I'd like to make roasted chestnuts (cooking with the meat) and mashed sweet potatoes. We also need to get a dessert!

My mother will see my tattoo for the first time on Friday. It might be silly but I hope that maybe she'll like it. Also, I realized, after stumbling on a (not so great) Lutens-inspired photoshoot, that my love for Serge Luten's work might have influenced my tattoo design, and not just a little. Maybe it was obvious for everyone who knows me, but it wasn't conscious on my part! But it makes me happy.

Lutens has shot many series of women covered in lace. Now that I think about it, it would be lovely to get the lace pattern on my whole body, lol. 

I stumbled on a picture of Lutens that I had never seen before, while looking for the lace one. So I'm posting it, just because. :)

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Well, sort of.

Math and I are temporarily living in a flat across the hall, while ours is being entirely redone. All our things are packed. It's been a month.

In our apartment, the builders tore down walls, removed the tub, the sink, the kitchen everything. Then they built a new wall separating our big room into a living room and a bed room, made our crooked walls a bit less crooked, dug a closet in a wall, built another closet, put new tiles, a sound-proof ceiling...

2 more weeks to go! The are almost done putting the mosaic tiles in the bathroom. I'm so happy! I have always loved mosaic and having some at home feels like a dream come true (I know it sounds cheesy but that's how much I love it). Finding the tiles proved more difficult than I thought, but Math found a great website and we now have the prettiest lilac mosaic. :)

It is the first time ever I get to decorate and furnish my home from absolutely zero. It's very exciting and a bit overwhelming. Doing it with Math is even better. We agree on most things, which helps, hehe. We make up our minds quickly and I think we're both really happy with what we got now.

At the moment, we're both feeling quite cramped in the tiny temp flat. It's ok but we're eager to move back. I worry that it's going to clash with the holidays and make the organisation even more stressful. Especially since we're supposed to host both the dinner on Xmas Eve with my mum and the meal on Xmas with my inlaws.

On a total unrelated note, I've been coughing pretty badly for a month now. I've seen the doc twice and apparently it's a virus, so I have to wait it out. The cough fits are impairing my sleep quite a lot . They actually have prevented me to sleep altogether for a couple of nights. Which also means that I've spent quite some time reading at night. I have just finished L'Hypnotiseur, a swedish thriller which I really enjoyed. (I've checked, it's been translated in english too. Creepy cover!) I've ordered another thriller online but it hasn't arrived yet. It's probably the fact that I have nothing to read (all the books are packed!) that made me stop procrastinating about that blogging thing. Anyway, more thriller recommendations are welcome!

The cough is worrying for one thing. I have pretty strong fits and I'm getting tattooed on Thursday. Obviously it might be a problem, especially since I'm getting a fairly large piece (shoulder and half of the bicep) done, with a lot of details. I've bought almost all the kinds of the otc losanges I could find and tonight my cough is finally receding.

OMG. Tattoo! Excited and nervous! Be prepared for slightly bloody pictures in a couple of days.


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