Jan. 24th, 2016

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 I re-used this cardigan pattern using a thick boiled wool (of an unknown composition, including some synthetic fiber). I wanted the back shape to stick out instead of draping.

Success! It protrudes nicely, and the garment has a nice avant-garde feel. Edit: and the cool thing is I can sit on it, it pops back out when I stand. :D

I made the sleeves with another, more flexible, fabric (some wool jersey leftovers from my first drop crotch pants and the Brume skirt). I was super duper lucky as the pattern I drafted for the sleeves (original cardigan is short sleeves) fit exactly in the remnants I have. I was ready to narrow and shorten the pattern if needed but no! Ha!

There is a small issue I didn't foresee when using the original pattern, which was meant for knits, with woven fabric: the buttonband is straight, while the body has a round edge, so the garment puckers a bit along the edges. In retrospect I should also have lengthened the buttonband as it is meant to stretch slightly but it doesn't really work with woven fabrics and doesn't help the whole thing to stay flat. I don't really mind, except the buttonband tends to roll out, and the inside of the garment isn't super neat.

Well, it isn't bad, but I'd rather have a neat finished inside (lining, bias, what have you). Standard cotton bias is out, because it will only stiffen the seams more. Maybe I can sew some stretchy ribbon over the zigzaged edge? I don't know. If you have an idea, please let me know.
I am in love with those brushed metal buttons the haberdasher picked for me.

I also took a photo of my altered Haujobb tee. It was the only one they had at the merch booth in Leipzig, a men's XL. I normally wear men's S or women's M, so it was really huge for me. I cut the neckline open and finished it with a jersey bias, I removed all the sleeve length, leaving just a sort of cap sleeve, and narrowed the hips so it fits more snuggly, drapes nicely and has a sort of batwing shape. Neat! I'm very happy with it (although I could have tightened the bias a little, because that neckline is a tad too SEXAY.)

I have so sewing projects planned: make a woven fabric sloper from the Pattern Magic method and then tackle one of the weird ass neck tops from one of the first two books, remake my defunct favourite trousers, with a nice wool I bought, make a bloomers pattern, make a cotton jersey drapey cardigan, eventually try to make a lined jacket... :D


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