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I'm okay. My throat is still sore, seeing the doc tomorrow. Maybe anti-histaminic would help, rather than antibiotics? We'll see.

I feel very thankful for my friends, old friends, new friends that I'm getting to know better. And for Math, whose connection felt even stronger while we went through the heartbreak of losing Punky. We don't always react and express our emotions the same, but deep down, we experience such events in very similar ways. We understand each other and we can truly share our every thoughts, even the most uncomfortable ones.

Out and about

Clémentine and I went to Lyon for a couple of days. We were supposed to see Blush Response live but unfortunately the concert was cancelled (it's just postponed since he'll be playing in Paris in a couple of months). We stayed with [personal profile] crazybutsound  and [personal profile] snakeling , and [personal profile] anatsuno came over too. Clémentine didn't know them well but I think she had a lovely time, so did I. 

On Friday night, vrittis came over and we spent the evening in, chatting (we were supposed to go out to a bar but everyone felt rather lazy, me included!) It was great seeing him. It's funny how you can know people for years before you actually feel like you get to know them.

On Saturday, we went for a stroll in the center of town. The weather was not too bad, considering how terrible it's been for the past weeks. We all went to the Fnac and of course I bought a record (I meant to buy it in Paris but !LIMITED!).

I also got tons of cat cuddles at my friends' and I miss these so much. I know I need more time, but I enjoyed the company of my friends' cats a lot. :)


The past few days, I listened a lot to The Devil & The Universe, Ash Code, Tempers, Tiamat, Essaie Pas, Kontravoid. I've also been really moved by this track by my friend Baptiste:


I wrote porn again! It's a submissive fantasy, so read it or don't. ;)
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I went back to the physio today! Did a pretty good workout (not too hard on my arms/shoulders but totally obliterated my abs and legs). It's nice to have a "coach" because I can't really muster the energy to workout on my own right now.


Listened to IAMX, The Klinik, Celldöd, Desiderii Marginis...


I took some photos of myself (NSFW for some). Here's one that is modest enough:


The little bit of erotica I wrote is up! Thank you Math, Josefien and [personal profile] anatsuno  for the proofreading, corrections and encouragement! :)
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The cold is wearing off slowly. I hope I'll be back on the saddle tomorrow. Saturday was bad (coming home at almost 5am without a scarf does that to you) so Clémentine, who was coming to see me, bought some groceries for me. <3

I am fucking impressed with myself for going to both concerts despite feeling like utter shit because of that cold. I also haven't felt the need to use my walking stick in months. Tomorrow, I'll start exercising again. Yay me.


We spent the day marathoning Fringe and she came over again on Sunday to watch Spy.

I started watching The Closer on my own too, and it's really nice. Just what I needed to knit and rest. Brenda is wonderful. :)

Out and about

Yeah, so we were both tired on Sunday but Clémentine and I still went to the cheap fabric store nearby. I bought some black jersey, light black woven cotton (for Pattern Magic-ing), a lovely mesh fabric with a lovely drape (black, yes) and some poly thing with a black teal and white-ish tie and dye pattern (really pretty).  


I've listened to The Horrorist (natch), DSTR, Tying Tiffany (a lot of it) and IAMX.

Writing (??...!)

I wrote a very short porn text on Saturday. I had been trying for a long time to do so and I finally succeeded. I realised I have no interest in telling a story, just write sex. So I did. It needs proofreading, but I'll post it sometime soon.
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Bath done! Awwwwww. :) 

Also, I want to write again (this journal is a good start!), draw again, and sew again. Go me?

I'm off to bed to start that Hugh Laurie thriller. Dunno if it's any good, but Hugh Laurie! Yum!

Edit: Really not fond of the writing so far.
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 Well, I couldn't sleep last night (tattoo excitement!) so I got up and took the computer to the bathroom so as not to wake Math up. I typed a lengthy blog entry while sitting on the toilet seat, lol. It needs more editing but I'll post it soon. Then I went back to bed and read this week's Courrier International from cover to cover and finally turned the light off at 4:30.

I got up a bit after 10, which isn't bad, but, oh my, the fogginess. Still in bed, I rewrote some bits of the night's blog entry. I got up and had coffee, brioche and tramadol, the usual breakfast, while working on the computer and reading my feeds.

Math left at 2 to meet a client. I headed downstairs with him and had coffee with the janitor. She's a great woman, I like to come see her and chat and relax. Then I went to the workshop, finished a bra and made a couple of panties. I packed a couple of orders for clients pick up. Finally I prepared everything for my assistant tomorrow. She's going to be on her own all day for the first time. I'm not worried but I need to make sure everything is ready when she arrives.

She is great, a lot of help. She doesn't know how to do everything yet, I focused on teaching her the most basic stuff first, then a bit more complicated stuff, making sure she made them to the perfection before going to the next level. I didn't really plan it like that, it just happened that way and I believe it happens to be the right way. She is very eager to learn, making things easy.

Anyway, she's got a to do list, patterns, labels and instructions are ready. It was a rather quiet day, compared to most.

And, oh, tomorrow, I'm getting tattooed! OMG, stressed!! I hope I can get enough rest...
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 *cough* Hello? *cough*

Wow, I haven't written about myself for quite a while now! I update regularly my professional blog but it isn't really about myself. I must say I generally feel quite self-conscious when writing, whether it is in english or in french. Probably less in english since it isn't my native tongue and I can more easily forgive my own mistakes.

It boils down to that: I've always considered myself like a quite literate person, I love reading, I used to write quite a lot, I've studied literature at uni for 4 years. But I have actually all the shortcomings of someone interested in literature and little of the qualities. My writing tends to be unnecessarily complicated, my sentences are 3 or 4 sentences awkwardly melted in one, and, in the end, I can't convey much emotion, except maybe boredom?

Ha. Great introduction to gain readership, amirite?

I think maybe 5 years ago I finally faced the fact that my writing sucked. And it's sad, because I think that in real life I'm a witty and funny person. So, 5 years ago, I decided to quit over-complicating. Try to make shorter sentences. Even sentences that aren't really sentences. To write like I speak. I started working on a short novel. The beginning was promising. Well, promising to be better, in comparison to what had written before. I never finished it.

I think I'm not interested in writing fiction any more. But a journal...

I am at a point in my life where my work is starting to take a lot of place. It is amazing, fulfilling, but I must not let it eat me alive, I need to compartmentalize. My work started like a hobby, so it was entangled with my intimate life. Now that I'm actually running a company, I have progressively limited the amount of personal information I'm sharing on my pro accounts on the various social networks I'm on. Now, I'm mostly sharing trivial and fun stuff. The more personal stuff has nowhere to go anymore. It's been a few days, when I got to bed, that I felt the need to write about myself. So, I've opened this new shiny blog!

We'll see where it goes...

PS: finding a new username! Nightmare!! I don't think the perfect one will dawn on me like magic, so I've picked a rather rubbish one. It's really not to put my real name up, so it'll do.

PPS: there will be loads of friend only stuff, so leave me a message if you want to be added. I'll add friends or personal acquaintances mostly.


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