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I have set up a Tumblr account dedicated to my photo experiments. I will post my self-portraits there, and most likely only there.

But be warned that there will be nudes as well. Nothing pornographic but if you think seeing my breasts or my pubes might be a problem for you, you really don't have to follow. I will tag nudes, if that helps.

To me a naked body is just a naked body. I'm not a modest person. I have done nude modelling in the past and there are quite a few nude photos of me floating about on the internet already. So if we don't know each other that well but you'd like to follow, please don't hesitate.

I will probably write quite a bit along with the photos about my feelings regarding the whole process, so if anyone suffers from similar issues, I don't know, maybe it could have value of sorts.

Anyway, here's
the link (no nudes yet :P)

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 Well, I couldn't sleep last night (tattoo excitement!) so I got up and took the computer to the bathroom so as not to wake Math up. I typed a lengthy blog entry while sitting on the toilet seat, lol. It needs more editing but I'll post it soon. Then I went back to bed and read this week's Courrier International from cover to cover and finally turned the light off at 4:30.

I got up a bit after 10, which isn't bad, but, oh my, the fogginess. Still in bed, I rewrote some bits of the night's blog entry. I got up and had coffee, brioche and tramadol, the usual breakfast, while working on the computer and reading my feeds.

Math left at 2 to meet a client. I headed downstairs with him and had coffee with the janitor. She's a great woman, I like to come see her and chat and relax. Then I went to the workshop, finished a bra and made a couple of panties. I packed a couple of orders for clients pick up. Finally I prepared everything for my assistant tomorrow. She's going to be on her own all day for the first time. I'm not worried but I need to make sure everything is ready when she arrives.

She is great, a lot of help. She doesn't know how to do everything yet, I focused on teaching her the most basic stuff first, then a bit more complicated stuff, making sure she made them to the perfection before going to the next level. I didn't really plan it like that, it just happened that way and I believe it happens to be the right way. She is very eager to learn, making things easy.

Anyway, she's got a to do list, patterns, labels and instructions are ready. It was a rather quiet day, compared to most.

And, oh, tomorrow, I'm getting tattooed! OMG, stressed!! I hope I can get enough rest...


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