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Instead of spending last weekend away on a little trip in the North of France we ended up staying in Paris and stuck to our resolution to both take a break from work (well, Math strayed a bit...).

On Saturday we had some comfort food (McDonald's since I was craving fries) and then had a quiet evening with my mother (who was staying at our place since we were supposed to be away and she wanted to take advantage of a landing point in Paris). We started watching The Good Wife with Math (I am completely sold on the show, so much that he wanted to try it, so we're starting at the beginning together).

Corset by Chalayan

On Sunday, I went back to run in the park. It might have been a bit premature since my knee was a bit tender, but I really enjoyed nevertheless. I stopped running after doing half of my run and walked the way back, so as not to injure myself more than I already was. Then, we made a roast chicken and had it for lunch with mom, then Math and I went to Le Jardin des Plantes to see the animals. We arrived rather late so we had to rush in the zoo but we wanted to see the red pandas and they were awesome. First there was only one out. Then we went to see the binturongs, which were indiscernible sleeping fur balls last time we were there, but which were very lively this time, including a young one. Then we saw the capybaras, some weird miniature swift foxes, owls, yaks and then we were rushed out. We were bummed that we didn't have the time to go see the red pandas again but we found ourselves on the other side of their fence and discovered that you could actually see them quite well from the outside of the zoo ! This time all 3 were out eating so we stayed and watched some more.

Burried dress by Chalayan

Then we headed out and found ourselves just in front of the Mosquée de Paris where Math had never been. So we went for a tea in the patio. Night was falling, it was lovely. Then we surprise-visited a friend who lives nearby and had tea with her. I hadn't seen her in a while so it was very nice, especially since I was rather out of it last time I did. Then we headed home and Michiel and Lara came over for a drink. Math made me a cosmopolitan and I found out later that he got the quantities wrong (the proportions, spot on!) and made me in fact a double. We all went together out for a diner and had wine and then I was pretty much wasted. We walked our guests to the metro and went home where Math had to undress me and put me to bed.

On Monday, Math worked and I caught up on the week's series. Then I had a coffee with the janitor and headed out to read (The Saints of New York by Ellory, not bad but not great either) on a café terrace for a couple of hours. When I came home, we cooked the chicken leftovers with mushrooms, courgettes, chorizo and cream. Yum !

Chocolate at Angelina's

On Tuesday morning, I finished my book, which was a great timing since we had planned to go to W.H. Smith in the afternoon. We first went to the Hussein Chalayan exhibition, which was great, albeit a bit minimalist. I think they could have shown a little more pieces, but it was well displayed and thought-provoking. It was the first time I went to an exhibition since I got diagnosed. It had felt too overwhelmingly tiring ever since to dare to even try. And I could do it! Then we stopped at Angelina's to have their famous hot chocolate, which is super decadent and rich (and served with fresh cream). And then I bought 3 books at the book store, White Jazz from Ellroy, a book that I found intriguing called Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri, and Little Women, which I started reading on the way home.

We had planned to eat seafood during our trip in the North and I was looking forward to it since it had been many years, maybe 10, since I hadn't had seafood. So I found a seafood restaurant in Paris, not very far from home, actually, with good internet reviews. We went on Tuesday evening. It was a bit posh but didn't make either of us uncomfortable. I had a big seafood plate with oysters, crab, prawns and various shells. Oh, how I love oysters ! Math had lobster flambé au champagne, which was delicious too. I'm glad we found this restaurant even though we won't be able to afford it very often !

An ugly picture of delicious seafood

And finally, yesterday I went back running. And my knee didn't hurt. At all. I was a bit scared to hurt myself again, so I was super careful. But it was great ! Now, I am longing to go back, but I'll wait for Saturday, since I don't want to push my luck !

So all in all, this weekend was rather good in the end !
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It's been a while ! Wow. Here's what's happened lately :

I've started preventive meds for my migraines. The first week was rather hard because I was drowsy as hell/saying nonsense but was sleeping like a log. The drowsiness has worn off but I still sleep well (not waking up a zillion time) and WITHOUT EARPLUGS ! I had been sleeping every night with earplugs for years now and honestly, I didn't think I would ever be able to do without them. I've also had a couple of short headaches, instead of migraines. Nothing too long or too painful. I have a new migraine drug for the actual migraine attacks but I've been migraine-free so far.

We have an oven ! It's amazing ! I'm still working 4 days a week and having more energy on my days off so I've been cooking and baking quite a lot (compared to the past months since we've had the flat redone). With Math, we've made lasagna bolognese, raspberry and white chocolate muffins (twice), a carrot cake, burgers... I love cooking, I've missed it so much. Now that we have the oven, I seem to be able to find my marks in the new kitchen. Now I'd love to make another cheesecake (only ever made one at [ profile] anatsuno's), kaab ghzal (Moroccan pastries that I have already made a few times), salmon lasagna, a grapefruit tart (lemon tart style, no idea how this would turn out), quiche lorraine, a chicken pie...

I've had an electromyography. It was not terribly unpleasant (having electrodes pinned into your hand side with needles isn't the nicest thing but it was okay). And I'm fine ! Nothing wrong with my nerves or muscles. The neuro said my leg pains might be related to my blood circulation. So I'm back to see my doc in a week and we'll see.

I haven't been wearing my corset as much as before because of my migraines and my general state. It might not be a bad thing since I was also unable to do yoga and I need to keep toning my tummy and back muscle when corseting. I have received the mock-up from Electra, sent an email about a few things regarding the fit. I am so excited ! I can't wait to have the final corset (although it turns less and less likely that I'll have it in time for my birthday).

I'm having a hard time reading. The migraine meds made it impossible in the beginning and even now, I'm slow and confused. But it'll pass, I'm sure. I'm 10 pages from the end of All Tomorrow's Parties and I can't seem to read more than one page at a time, so it's a bit frustrating lol.

I've started training a new (third) girl at work. She's a classmate of Clementine. She's keen and she's already showing some skills (after a couple of sessions).

I've started doing my make-up again almost ever day. I'm now sporting a brown pixie cut which makes it easier. I honestly felt like a clown with anything more than blush with my turquoise or pink hair. Not that I regret having bright-coloured hair, I sort of miss it but I like being able to blend in for now. I've treated myself and bought a bright red moisturising lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent and I wear it very often. I've also started painting my nails during weekends, while watching series. I've never been to keen on nail polish, except when I was a goth. It's fun ! My favourite colours now are a dark teal, a lime green and a mid grey. I might give myself a grey manicure today.:P

I'm still avoiding sugar as much as possible as an « experiment ». I'm having cheese for breakfast, no dessert most of the time, no more chocolate in the evening, unless I'm craving it (which is less and less since I've reduced my sugar intake) and a treat when I feel like it. I don't want to deprive myself or get frustrated, but the less sugar I eat, then less sugar I crave. I still bake and love eating my baking.:) I think I've only had one « hypoglycaemia » attack in a month (we're not sure it is hypoglycaemia, hence the quotation marks).

I've been watching : the IT Crowd (thanks to [ profile] mirjaand [ profile] x5nder) and I love it, despite a few annoying episodes, Unforgettable, whose main actress reminds me a great deal of Bianca Beauchamp (the show is ok so far, nothing ground-breaking), Prime Suspect, which is a chauvinistic-fest with an interesting female lead (mixed bag much), SVU without Meloni (*sadface*), The Field of Blood (a British 2 episode serie that I'm really loving. I still have to watch part two), Fringe (AWESOME!), House (season premiere was cool ! I love House, even now that it's getting crappier. The latest seasons I might not watch 5 times, I'll watch the first 4 ones a sixth...), Castle (it's fun, although I had totally missed the season finale, started watching the premiere and was all « Whut ??? »), Law and Order UK (Jamie Bamber \o/), Law and Order CI (as mind-numbing weekend marathons) and finally, I've started watching The Good Wife. I'm still at the beginning but I'm already completely hooked. I'm trying to resist the urge to marathon it, so I can make it last.

Today, I might bake, and watch a bunch of stuff while doing my nails. I'm off tomorrow too. I don't know what I will do, but I need to rest. I gave 12 people a latex crafting workshop yesterday. It was fun but super tiring.
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 Haven't blogged in a while. I am so tired I can barely do anything besides work. A bit more than 2 weeks ago I had another order for Lady Gaga so maybe I haven't recovered yet from all the hard work? It seems like it was forever ago, I had to count in my planning to realize it was so recent. I haven't been able to rest properly since then, lots of work, always. It's good but I'm starting to think of how to make things work so I can take more time off. And first thing is I need a bigger place but moving just stresses me out to no end.

I am currently reading Get Real by Donald Westlake and enjoying it a lot. The writing is also very simple, with short sentences, which is good given my current exhaustion. I am binging on Law and Order SVU on weekends and nothing else much. I was put off watching this show for a while after a few stuff I head but I found out that it was actually pretty good.

I've also had a vintage craze and bought a few cheap dresses on Etsy that I doctored a bit to fit me better. I'm expecting that one, which was a bit more expensive (but insanely cheap since it is a silk/cotton 50's party dress) and it is going to need a lot of work (and wearing a corset) to fit me but I'm feeling rather confident about my sewing skills. I need to fix my sewing machine because it doesn't work properly anymore (one side of the seam is nice, the other is just a shitton of tangled mess). Maybe it just need to be oiled and calibrated again.

So yeah, I'm not dead yet!
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Well, sort of.

Math and I are temporarily living in a flat across the hall, while ours is being entirely redone. All our things are packed. It's been a month.

In our apartment, the builders tore down walls, removed the tub, the sink, the kitchen everything. Then they built a new wall separating our big room into a living room and a bed room, made our crooked walls a bit less crooked, dug a closet in a wall, built another closet, put new tiles, a sound-proof ceiling...

2 more weeks to go! The are almost done putting the mosaic tiles in the bathroom. I'm so happy! I have always loved mosaic and having some at home feels like a dream come true (I know it sounds cheesy but that's how much I love it). Finding the tiles proved more difficult than I thought, but Math found a great website and we now have the prettiest lilac mosaic. :)

It is the first time ever I get to decorate and furnish my home from absolutely zero. It's very exciting and a bit overwhelming. Doing it with Math is even better. We agree on most things, which helps, hehe. We make up our minds quickly and I think we're both really happy with what we got now.

At the moment, we're both feeling quite cramped in the tiny temp flat. It's ok but we're eager to move back. I worry that it's going to clash with the holidays and make the organisation even more stressful. Especially since we're supposed to host both the dinner on Xmas Eve with my mum and the meal on Xmas with my inlaws.

On a total unrelated note, I've been coughing pretty badly for a month now. I've seen the doc twice and apparently it's a virus, so I have to wait it out. The cough fits are impairing my sleep quite a lot . They actually have prevented me to sleep altogether for a couple of nights. Which also means that I've spent quite some time reading at night. I have just finished L'Hypnotiseur, a swedish thriller which I really enjoyed. (I've checked, it's been translated in english too. Creepy cover!) I've ordered another thriller online but it hasn't arrived yet. It's probably the fact that I have nothing to read (all the books are packed!) that made me stop procrastinating about that blogging thing. Anyway, more thriller recommendations are welcome!

The cough is worrying for one thing. I have pretty strong fits and I'm getting tattooed on Thursday. Obviously it might be a problem, especially since I'm getting a fairly large piece (shoulder and half of the bicep) done, with a lot of details. I've bought almost all the kinds of the otc losanges I could find and tonight my cough is finally receding.

OMG. Tattoo! Excited and nervous! Be prepared for slightly bloody pictures in a couple of days.


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