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 Haven't blogged in a while. I am so tired I can barely do anything besides work. A bit more than 2 weeks ago I had another order for Lady Gaga so maybe I haven't recovered yet from all the hard work? It seems like it was forever ago, I had to count in my planning to realize it was so recent. I haven't been able to rest properly since then, lots of work, always. It's good but I'm starting to think of how to make things work so I can take more time off. And first thing is I need a bigger place but moving just stresses me out to no end.

I am currently reading Get Real by Donald Westlake and enjoying it a lot. The writing is also very simple, with short sentences, which is good given my current exhaustion. I am binging on Law and Order SVU on weekends and nothing else much. I was put off watching this show for a while after a few stuff I head but I found out that it was actually pretty good.

I've also had a vintage craze and bought a few cheap dresses on Etsy that I doctored a bit to fit me better. I'm expecting that one, which was a bit more expensive (but insanely cheap since it is a silk/cotton 50's party dress) and it is going to need a lot of work (and wearing a corset) to fit me but I'm feeling rather confident about my sewing skills. I need to fix my sewing machine because it doesn't work properly anymore (one side of the seam is nice, the other is just a shitton of tangled mess). Maybe it just need to be oiled and calibrated again.

So yeah, I'm not dead yet!
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I've been doing yoga everyday for 15-20 mins for a week now and it feels so good! I haven't lost much strength and I'm regaining some flexibility quickly. I've been focusing on my hamstrings a lot and I can already feel some improvement. Despite really not wanting to see myself while yoga-ing, I asked Math to take a photo of my position in downward-facing dog and it helped me straighten my legs a lot.

I was afraid to push too much on my arms at first, because of the grief my wrists and shoulders were giving me. I tried to be as gentle as possible on the couple first days to see if it was harming me. But the pain started to actually go away. Now it's all gone. Seriously guys, yoga rocks!

It was my mum's birthday on Tuesday. She came over and we had a lovely meal at the restaurant. We did a lot of cleaning and tidying before she arrived so now there are only about 4 boxes to empty and the same amount to give/dispose of. The entrepreneur is finishing the small things left in the apartment himself. He should come paint the radiators on Tuesday and install new door handles and then we should be DONE!

We had out exhibition opening with Math on Friday. It was a great night, even though I was exhausted and just sat on my ass waiting for people to come to me all evening. Lots of friends came, many we hadn't seen in a long while.

Also, I've finally got feedback on the huge job and it turns out Lady Gaga's stylist loved my work! Yeah, you read that right! I don't think it will be visible anywhere this time but I'm on their roster now. *beams*

I'm in the process of hiring a second assistant. I am so so tired. I will probably have to find a bigger workshop before the end of the year too. I need to recover some energy. Some work days are just excruciating and I cannot take a day off.


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