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Out and about

On a whim I posted something on Facebook about having a drink at a bar in Paris and so on Wednesday night I met with Clémentine and other friends, a few I hadn't seen in years. It was very nice (and I got pretty hammered) and we definitely need to do this again soon.

Clémentine and I met today and we went together to a consultation with a tattoo artist for our matching tattoo projects. (I am quite anti-matching tattoos when it comes to couples, but not as much when it comes to family and friends, go figure.) The tattoo artist was nice, on board with our project and we booked an appointment on Nov 15 to get tattooed together. :D

Then we walked around Paris and ended up near the new tattoo parlour of a friend so we popped by for a visit and... I'm seeing him next week to discuss another project I had in mind before C & I decided to get our tattoo together. Oops. He might have openings during the summer and I'm really itching to get tattooed again...


These days, lots of Absolute Body Control and Fixmer/McCarthy. 


I'm back to sewing and I'm on a roll. Since last week I made myself a black racerback dress, a rectangle top with open sides and a crop top. All personal patterns that I've adjusted a little.

I've also dyed a white silk satin remnant I had. I got a lovely muted, petrol blue. I've made tap pants out of it and plan to make a matching bralette.

Today we went to Toto rue Réaumur and I bought lovely wool (and wool mesh and red viscose lining) so I can make this:

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It's interesting how the shaved head made me feel like wearing more feminine clothes again. I felt like wearing tights and a skirt the other day but turns out the only skirts I own that fit the bill (read: black and not too "girly") are SUPER short (I wear them with leggings). So I decided to make one. I looked for a suitable pattern but since I couldn't find one, I decided to design my own! And voilà!


I used remnants of the fabric i used to make these trousers. It's a medium thickness, dark grey jeans with a little stretch.

I used this recipe to make my own pencil skirt sloper, cut three pieces (two fronts), assembled and pinned it until I found a shape I liked.

I am pretty proud of my zip insertion. I had planned on using silver coloured zip and buckle but they didn't have any that I loved at the haberdashers. 

The buckle strap is a bit crappy looking upclose but no one is going to go there. :D

I used tartan bias to finish the hem edges and sewed the hem by hand. I also added pockets! I toyed with the idea of back welt pockets but they aren't that practical so I don't think I'll bother.
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I've remade for [personal profile] anatsuno  the jacket I made myself after the holidays using the pattern for a cardigan in a Japanese book. It feels so good to have finished a sewing project! :)

The main fabric is a thick wool/synthetic blend (quite similar to the one I used myself) and the sleeves are cut from a woolly jersey (two layers since it was a little thin).
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I'm well! But poor Math, who's on a break from work for 3 weeks is down with a bad cold. We're going to Berlin for a few days on the weekend of the 13th, I can't wait!


Yesterday, I listened to Siouxie, Bat For Lashes, Marsheaux, HEALTH, Rabbit Junk and lots of industrial techno while sewing. And Access To Arasaka while Math was building is Netrunner decks. :D


Big Pattern Magic day! I made a Bunka style sloper from scratch. The method is clearly detailed and relatively easy (I had to borrow a protractor from Yolanda though. Long time I hadn't used one of those!). I put together a toile that fits quite well (I had to deepen the bust darts, of course. Never enough darts at the bust, bloody G cup).

I have also shortened the shoulder width. Not bad, eh? It's possible that the front dart (from bust to waist) could be deepened a little, but then again, I have to resist the urge to make something super clingy. This isn't latex, I can use a little ease.

I then started working on a top with a knot from the first volume. It went smoothly. I used some black coated cotton I had laying around. It's not ideal because the stitches make holes, so ripping seams or even just pinning can leave holes. And it is slightly stretchy and stiff at the same time, so the seams aren't perfectly smooth. Oh well. It was fabric I got for cheap (or for free?) so experimenting with it felt alright. I have to purchase buttons to finish the top. Not sure if I'll want to wear it (mostly because of the fabric, but it is so exciting to actually manage to make my own Pattern Magic. :
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 I re-used this cardigan pattern using a thick boiled wool (of an unknown composition, including some synthetic fiber). I wanted the back shape to stick out instead of draping.

Success! It protrudes nicely, and the garment has a nice avant-garde feel. Edit: and the cool thing is I can sit on it, it pops back out when I stand. :D

I made the sleeves with another, more flexible, fabric (some wool jersey leftovers from my first drop crotch pants and the Brume skirt). I was super duper lucky as the pattern I drafted for the sleeves (original cardigan is short sleeves) fit exactly in the remnants I have. I was ready to narrow and shorten the pattern if needed but no! Ha!

There is a small issue I didn't foresee when using the original pattern, which was meant for knits, with woven fabric: the buttonband is straight, while the body has a round edge, so the garment puckers a bit along the edges. In retrospect I should also have lengthened the buttonband as it is meant to stretch slightly but it doesn't really work with woven fabrics and doesn't help the whole thing to stay flat. I don't really mind, except the buttonband tends to roll out, and the inside of the garment isn't super neat.

Well, it isn't bad, but I'd rather have a neat finished inside (lining, bias, what have you). Standard cotton bias is out, because it will only stiffen the seams more. Maybe I can sew some stretchy ribbon over the zigzaged edge? I don't know. If you have an idea, please let me know.
I am in love with those brushed metal buttons the haberdasher picked for me.

I also took a photo of my altered Haujobb tee. It was the only one they had at the merch booth in Leipzig, a men's XL. I normally wear men's S or women's M, so it was really huge for me. I cut the neckline open and finished it with a jersey bias, I removed all the sleeve length, leaving just a sort of cap sleeve, and narrowed the hips so it fits more snuggly, drapes nicely and has a sort of batwing shape. Neat! I'm very happy with it (although I could have tightened the bias a little, because that neckline is a tad too SEXAY.)

I have so sewing projects planned: make a woven fabric sloper from the Pattern Magic method and then tackle one of the weird ass neck tops from one of the first two books, remake my defunct favourite trousers, with a nice wool I bought, make a bloomers pattern, make a cotton jersey drapey cardigan, eventually try to make a lined jacket... :D
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Such a fun top! I actually had no problem making my own pattern from the book "recipe". I first made my sloper using the one from the book and making adjustment by comparing it with the Plantain pattern I used previously.

I don't think I'll wear it over my head much but it's so amusing. I love the drape when worn down.

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We went to see IAMX, Math and I! It was fantastic. Such a powerful sound! It really rocked, hard. The whole band is amazing, interacting tons with the public (Chris's French is perfect btw). The whole thing ended with Chris encouraging people to dance and eventually come up on stage for a bit of a party. The look of sheer panic on the faces of the security team was priceless.


I was quite tired throughout the whole weekend, though. I only danced for a few songs and then listened to the show seated at a table (I love venues where you can sit, so, so much).


NL came on Saturday night to pick up the skirt I made her (from Drape Drape 2). She seemed very pleased with it. We looked together at the books I already had and she found many things she loved. I am also expecting Drape Drape 1and there are many gorgeous things inside.

(it badly needs a press but you get the idea)


I watched The Affair on Saturday night (while Math was at the Garbage concert) and wow, the character of Alison's mom is such a carbon copy of mine. I really took me aback because we rarely see such realistic depictions of narcissist behaviour in fiction. She act the same, talks the same, the circumstances are strikingly similar. Really uncanny.

It was quite liberating and validating to watch. It gives me just enough detachment to quash any remaining self-doubt when it comes to my own situation.

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I was pretty pumped after my drop crotch trousers and decided to tackle the Guise pants (with welt pockets, eep!) and with the extra difficulty of adding a lining. I had bought a beautiful thin wool fabric (the suit kind) and I wanted to be WARM, so after a lot of pondering, I decided to go with silk for lining.

I read a few blog entries by people who made the trousers, which was reassuring and provided extra insight. I'm overall pretty pleased with my stitching. I'm getting more precise, although I'm far from sewing as straight as I'd like. :) The Papercut pattern is super clear and detailed. The zipper fly instructions were way better than those from the drop crotch from the book, same goes for the side pockets. And the welt pockets turned out to be actually quite easy to make!

I made many photos and even a video of the welt pocket process, so you can stalk me on twitter to find them. I was complimented several times on how professional they look. I think it's the welt pocket effect. It's just such a neat feature.

I have nothing against the elasticated back. It gives a more relaxed feel to the design but I don't mind (some bloggers had more reservations about it). And it was a blessing in disguise because the trousers turned out a bit too big, which I could help by snipping a good 5 cm off the elastic band. A few bloggers said the pattern ran a bit large and advised to size down one size, but I am so terrified to sew something too small (my first sewing project from a pattern, 15 years ago, turned out too small and unwearable).

Here's the turquoise bias from the inside. I also hand stitched the lining around the zipper (I have to say I had no idea how I'd do it until it was sewn in place at the waist and I could fiddle with the fabric) and it turned out pretty neat!

I could use my new hemming foot to sew a minuscule rolled hem on the silk lining. It's so cute. Difficult to get the hang of it, but no one is going to inspect the finishing of the lining inside my pants, so I figured I'd give it a go.

The actual longest bit was hemming. So difficult to get it even! Math helped me for a solid hour until we finally got it. Doesn't help that I have scoliosis and a leg longer than the other! Also, the tapered legs make it fiddly to hem without distorting the fabric.

Anyway, I'm proud as a peacock. They're the best tailored trousers I've ever owned, I think (albeit a bit big. I need a belt).

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I'm slowly getting back to my normal self (well, I'm still depressed but it's more background noise). It's unlikely the ADs are kicking in already, but just speaking to my GP and getting heard and validated regarding my issues with my mother certainly helped a great deal. It's so difficult not to feel like a cold hearted bitch when dealing with a narcissistic mother.


I'm in Lyon! I'm writing from the Starbucks in the Part Dieu train station. Tonight is the Kirlian Camera concert! Whee! Right now, I have a comfy armchair and a power outlet so I could stay here forever. LOL[Bad username or unknown identity: snakeling]is getting off work in about half an hour. I've started working on a mixtape in the train and I'm finishing it as we speak (giving it a last listen to make sure everything is level).


Leben Heißt Leben

I finally finished my sarouel pants from the "Féminin Masculin/She has a mannish style" book. I'm very happy with them! And surprised too because I tried them on before putting the waistband on and they looked awful.

I've learned how to sew a zipper, make a fly, belt loops and slanted pockets (although the instruction for those were a bit messy and there was a mistake in the pattern so they didn't turn out great, but they're nothing to be ashamed of).

They have a mid-season feel to them but I still wore them with tights underneath (how long ago did I wear tights?? And I tucked my shirt in to show off, obv).

I also never took the time to take photos and write about the cardigan from the same book. It has a very interesting shape that I immediately fell in love with. The back has a sort of pointy, hunched shape. The button bands are actually just one band that rounds around the bottom of the garment.

I made it out of silk jersey. The colour is beautiful, although difficult to capture. Something like bronze and verdigris, the sheen of the silk giving it a slightly metallic look.

I'm contemplating remaking them in a thick boiled wool I bought just because, so that the back doesn't drape but rather make a stiff angle (more like it did in the book pictures), with long sleeves. Hmmm.

The women at my haberdashery are very encouraging of my craft. I mentioned that i bought beautiful thick wool that would be suitable for a coat or a jacket but that I was really not experimented enough to tackle one. The haberdasher looked at my cardigan and said: "you've done all the tricky part on this already, so go for it." Eep. I had already been browsing jacket patterns (because of course) and I have a few that I really love pinned on a Pinterest board. Burda has some really classic timeless pieces (a few dated ones too of course) but also some really innovative designs.

I also made a skirt from Drape Drape 2 for NL. It was very nice sewing for a friend! :) I hope it fits her. The pattern was a bit mind boggling, which is half the fun with DD.

And this is my next project: the Guise pants, in fine costume wool. Black, yes. I'm on the fence about lining them. I'd have to improvise a lining, since the pattern doesn't include one. I don't know how I feel about that. But I want to be warm!


I've just started watching The Affair (after finishing both Kimmy Schmidt and Aquarius) and as far as the first few episodes go, it is really really good. Beautiful writing and acting. How could I say no to a show gathering Joshua Jackson, Dominic West and Ruth Wilson (Alice from Luther). It is pretty heavy though, a lot focusing on dealing with the death of a child, some self-mutilation and of course the whole extra-marital business.
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I found a lovely transparent wool jersey and I thought it'd be perfect for a layer dress using the pattern n°2 from Drape Drape 2. I used the S/M size since the cowl tunic came out a bit big and my jersey is very stretchy. Making a bias out of this sheer fabric was a nightmare, so I ended up doing a rolled hem, hence the super thin straps, which I like, and the very low armholes, which is ok since I wont wear the dress on its own (it's as good as being naked, really). I used starch to prevent the hems from rolling like crazy before sewing.

I wasn't 100% convinced of the shape and I found out that wearing it back to front gave me a better drape (no idea why). I actually made a mistake and cut it on the reverse of the fabric so the drape was on the wrong side (which... I really don't care about) and so it's back on the "normal" side lol. The neckline is lower in the back and higher in the front, but, yeah, I don't care either way.

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I used the 2m silk remnants I bought at Tissumarket for 10€ to make this dress. I expected the silk to be slippery and difficult but it was in fact very easy to sew (cutting not so much, I had to cut the front facing twice because my shears slipped).

My pleating, however, was a mess. I am not very precise nor careful when sewing (using a lot of jersey didn't help, because it's so forgiving). I had to unpick the seams of a few pleats (unpicking silk, yeahhh) that weren't quite straight. I ended up winging it, recutting the neckline and fudging with the facing until it matched more or less. I was pretty mad with myself because I really wanted to do everything properly and I felt like I messed up remarkably. But! The finished garment is in fact very neat.

The neckline is a bit too wide (yeah, I need to do something about that. I went down one size for the neck width but it wasn't enough). but other than that, it's a nice dress!

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Edit: j'ai traduit mon entrée en français (plus bas), et je vais tâcher de faire ça pour mes entrées couture.

I made the piece number 6 from Drape Drape 2 yesterday in a gorgeous fuchsia jersey (most likely cotton but maybe with a little silk? soo soft and with a beautiful shine) I bought at Tissumarket

I was a bit short on fabric because I didn't really plan on making this item when I went to the shop. I originally planned to make one of the long sleeved dress but they have a definite 80s look to them (helloo batwing sleeves) and I think fuchsia would probably have been too much.

I got away with it by laying the long front piece sideways across the fabric (it doesn't follow the grain line anyway so it wasn't an issue).

Sewing this requires a certain leap of faith. There's definitely a moment where it feels you're sewing the pieces together on the wrong side, but you have to trust the pattern. Here's what it looks like, for the record: 

I used an watercolour pencil to write all of the notches and markings and what they referred to on my fabric. 

It's a very nice finished garment! It's quite baggy around the thighs, I'm not sure whether it bothers me or not. Probably not. I'll take it in if I change my mind. I read on a blog that it wasn't flattering from the side, and it is quite true! I definitely look like I have a super saggy fuchsia belly. I'll let you know when I start caring about garments being flattering, though. :D

I took a portrait too, it had been a while. It's a bit blurry, I couldn't be bothered to do this for more than 5 minutes. I still quite like it:

J'ai réalisé le modèle numéro 6 issu de Drape Drape 2 hier, dans un superbe jersey fuchsia (probablement coton, mais peut-être avec un peu de soie? Il est telllllement doux avec un beau brillant) que j'ai acheté chez Tissumarket

J'étais un peu juste en tissus parce que je n'avais pas prévu de faire cette pièce au départ, en allant à la boutique. Je voulais faire une des robes manches longues du livre, mais elles ont toutes les deux un côté années 80 (manches chauves souris bonjour!) et je pense que ça aurait été un peu too much en fuchsia.

Je me suis dépêtrée en casant la pièce du devant, qui est très longue et de forme bizarre, en travers du tissus, et non parallèle au bord (elle ne suit pas le droit fil donc ça n'était pas un problème).

Il faut vraiment faire confiance au patron pour coudre ceci. Il y a clairement un moment où j'ai eu l'impression d'assembler les pièces à l'envers, avec la couture du mauvais côté, mais il faut y croire! J'ai mis une petite photo du patron plus haut pour vous donner une idée.

J'ai utilisé un crayon aquarellable pour identifier toutes les encoches et savoir à quoi elles correspondaient (il y en a tellement!)

Le vêtement fini est très joli. Il est assez ample au niveau des cuisses, je ne sais pas trop si ça me dérange. Je pense que non. Je retoucherai si je change d'avis. J'avais lu sur un blog que cette tunique n'était pas très flatteuse de profil et c'est assez vrai! On dirait que j'ai un bidon fuchsia qui dégringole. Bon, le jour où j'en aurai quelque chose à faire de porter des vêtements pas flatteurs, je vous ferai signe. :D

J'ai pris un portrait aussi, ça faisait un bail. Il est un peu flou, mais je n'ai pas eu la patience de poser plus de 5 min. Je l'aime bien.

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I made a shirt! Yes, it's another potato sack-like thing. :D It's got a gathered back, dropped shoulders and an overall loose shape. I saw a few projects from online people in addition to the photos from the book so I knew what to expect. I found a heavy enough fabric (thin/medium wool with a good body) so that the back gathers would drop and not float diagonally like a tent.

I am overall pleased with my finishings and seaming, although it's far from perfect. I had issues around the tips of the  sleeves edging, and also assembling the collar stand (in general I am really not good yet at assembling pieces in a bias fold. My stitches will look good on one side and be very uneven on the other side. I suspect my ironing, pinning and stitching all lack accuracy).

I finished the tips of the collar stand by hand. My machine was jamming quite a bit (in retrospect, I should probably have changed the needle). I also probably sewed each buttonhole at least twice, unpicking them fastidiously each time they were crooked. I also wasn't very careful pressing my facing and didn't clean my iron afterwards so a bit of glue transferred onto the pockets and collar. Oops. It'll come off eventually.

I thought a round collar would be easier to tackle than a classic pointed one but I don't think that's true! Making a nice even curve is really hard!

Anyway, I'm pretty chuffed. It took me a couple of days and managed to keep my back in good health, which is a first while sewing! I'm contemplating making this with the black silk crepe I bought. I'm also very tempted to go back later to Tissumarket to see if the beautiful red silk remnants I had spotted are still there, and also buy some jersey other than black. :) I want to make things from Drape Drape 2 but I'm a bit fed up of sewing black. :)

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This is the sewing project I'm the most proud of. The fabrics I picked (body and pocket lining) worked perfectly to achieve le look I was after.

The pattern ("pantalon fuselé F" from J'adore les pantalons/I love pants by Yuko Takada) is clear, and the instructions quite complete.

I graded up to one size larger than the biggest size in the book (so that would be a Japanese XL) but used the XS length, and it was perfect!

I sewed the buttons on the waistband multiple times, and in the end I gave them stems (like one would do for coat buttons) to prevent the waistband from puckering.

Pretty proud of my stitching (only the waistband overstitch isn't perfectly straight, oops!). The finishing on the inside isn't too bad either. 

It's an unusual shape for me but I really like it! Now I need to take a break from sewing for a few days because it really isn't good for my back (I need an office chair to sit higher at the table I think). But I've just received Drape Drape 2, soo it's going to be hard to resist!
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So, these jersey pants from I Love Pants/J'Adore Les Pantalons. The sewing itself was rather straightforward, except the pleating part which left me scratching my head for a long half an hour. I think there's a mistake in the pattern? Anyway, I'm happy with the way I did my pleats.

The finishings aren't too great, especially the overstitching of the side seam. This is when jersey truly becomes fiddly and annoying (and I probably didn't swatch enough to find the perfect tension). But that seam ends up under a big fat pleat! So WHO CARES. :D

The issue is that the pants ended up HUGE. I trusted the size chart and so I graded the pattern to a size over the largest in the book but they're very big! I had an inkling I could get away with a too small size for a pleated stretchy pair of pants but I wanted to try grading and see. Well.

They're also too long, which I could have foreseen (since the tunic by the same designer is a knee length dress for me! at least it's consistent). I'd rather have them it me right under the knee. I still like them!

The waist is elasticated, the fabric bunches up a lot, and I'm not fond of the look (it screams lazy tailoring to me. The pleats could have been a wee deeper and the waist reduced by a good 20 cm imho). But I never tuck my tops into my pants, and it is fairly smooth under a t-shirt.

(Yep, there's a horizontal line on the front, it's... dirt. ><)

I'm a bit nervous now because I'd like to make more complicated pants from the same book and it might end up a disaster. Time to measure my inseam and do some calculations? They're carrot pants and the fabric is slightly stretchy so I think I can get away with a less than perfect fit. I'd like to try a non-stretchy project beforehand, with a basic and easy fabric, just to practice some more. *thinking*

I did buy some cheap sheets though and I will... make a toile! 

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Here's the tunic I just finished. Pattern n°12 from "Masculin Féminin" ("She Has A Mannish Style" in English). Incidentally that's probably the most feminine design of the whole book, haha.

The jersey was slippery as hell so I sewed a lot of baking sheets those days. I had to take in the shoulders a bit because the cleavage was way too deep (it is still deep but not too bad, and it goes well with a Marlies bra as you can see). I think it wouldn't look that deep on a smaller bust (the cowl gathers between my breasts, which is unfortunate).

I'm fairly happy with my sewing, especially given how difficult this fabric was. The pattern is nice, the armholes are a bit low (it's a plus for me but some might not like it), not so much that my bra is showing. I complained about the cap sleeves shape right after finishing it but I had starched the fabric to put the bias on and after washing they are very pretty. It is a lot longer on me than on the model (it reaches above my knees if I don't pull it up a little, which I do because it's clingy and drape-y so let's drape it, yes?). If I remade one, I'd alter the shoulder width too (I could add a dart in the back but I'm not that bothered). Time to start altering patterns, yes?
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I haven't been writing in a little while but I have something to show. :)

New sewing project completed! This is the Vogue by Mizono dress pattern and I love it! I haven’t altered anything, so the neckline is too wide (I have a very narrow frame and a G-cup rack, always great to fit!). But I don’t think I really mind, since it’s all drapey anyway.

I now have a reference of a non-stretch pattern and will be able to alter my next tops for a better fit. It is a bit wide around the bust and waist too, but if I take the dress in, it will only accentuate the issue with the neckline. So, I might just let it be. I’m learning, so, step by step!

I used a cotton fabric, a bit thicker than batiste. The dress is fully finished with French seams (which we call “coutures anglaises” in French, so nobody want to claim ownership of these apparently). I used some spare clips Norwegian Wood sent me once to replace a broken one on one of their harnesses.

The fun part is that you can wear it as a long dress, or shorten it to different lengths with a clever system of buttons on the inside.
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Brume skirt.

I used the leftover fabric from my drop pants. I love the clever cut of the back. It was a smooth project, I’m relatively happy with my finishing. My seams are getting more accurate.

I’d love to remake that pattern in black and grey, with black piping.


Aug. 8th, 2015 07:59 pm
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I took a photo of the trousers I finished sewing yesterday! They are so comfy. I didn’t have any clean tight sleeveless tops, which is what I’d prefer wearing with such loose bottoms, but whatever.

I felt like sewing today too but I am to tired to start a big project, so I just took in my Architect t-shirt (it was a mens small, so I've shortened the sleeves and taken the waist in). It fits great now!
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I'm still enjoying my holidays at [ profile] anatsuno 's, with [ profile] crazybutsound , Toby and Math. I'm still not doing much, just chatting, cooking, eating and watching Grey's Anatomy and movies: we watched the Faculty and Knight's tale (I didn't' watch it till the end, must watch it again another time) yesterday, and Desperado and Back to the Future I the day before.

2 days ago, we also visited ana's friend MC and had delicious home made brioche. MC, just like ana and [ profile] crazybutsound , is a passionate knitter. She dies and spins her own yarn and had made beautiful batches for my friend. She also makes amazing patchwork. I enjoy so much discovering things about crafts I have no knowledge about. I really want to manage my time better this year and be able to start some sewing project.

We had a lovely diner for NYE. Lots of foie gras (pâté and pan fried fried), mulled cider, Gewürztraminer, celery sweet potato ppurée chestnuts, and delicious pasteis de nata made by Toby. We started 2011 while in the middle of watching the Faculty. :)



Today, I did even less than the days before. We just watched Inception, which was ok. I enjoyed watching it but that's really it. Now, Guitar Hero is on and we might watch Moon later. Aw, lovely lovely break. Work is quite far from my mind at the moment and I needed that!


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