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 Last weekend I went to the Salon Créations et Savoir Faire for a bit of shopping with my lovely Clémentine, but mostly to introduce my yarn to customers on the L'Oisivethé booth! What an amazing experience!

 First, I had to overcome the impression of being useless because I couldn't proceed with the checkout of any of the clients who wanted to buy yarn from me. I am used to run my own booth in my other job as a designer so it took a little time to adjust mentally. But I wasn't there to be a sales clerk, not really. :)

 Meeting people was amazing! I met so many friends from Ravelry. Some of my close friends came to support me too. I shopped at Graine de Laine and got to chat a bit with the designer, and I got to chat with Dani from Lioness Arts who was also on the L'Oisivethé stand.

There's nothing quite like being able to share experience with a peer, and as a beginner to get tips from the more experienced. I must say, in my other job, as an alt clothing designer, I have often felt rather isolated, because these jobs are shared by people who are few and far between and these occasions are very rare. The internet can be fantastic, but I don't know, to me there is nothing like the connection you can have in real life. When talking about your business, there needs to be a good amount of trust, and it is easier to get a feel for it when you meet someone face to face.

 Anyway, the day was absolutely fantastic. I'm so grateful to the people at L'Oisivethé, Aimée of course, but also everyone around her, Hiro who works with her and who's adorable and cuddly, and everyone who gives a helping hand, Amelia, BintouHege Marie-Adeline. I've got so much support from all of them, and they're such a kind and close-knit bunch of people. 

Ok, enough sappiness! Pictures time!

The team / l'équipe: Aimee, Dani, Hiro, Amelia, Hege
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