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Read the beginning of Ancillary Sword and fell asleep to Xabec – Closing The Circle. Feels amazing to be able to use earbuds again. :) The beginning of the novel is a bit clunky. It feels to me like Leckie is trying hard to put everything in context without over-repeating herself too much, and it reads rather fastidious. Lacks the subtlety of the exposition (or non-exposition, of sorts) of the beginning of Ancillary Justice.


Listened to Adversary at home and then headed out for lunch with a friend. Listened to Haujobb – Vertical Theory in the bus. I took her to Naniwa-ya and we had lengthy discussions about dyeing. Then I went to gare d'Austerlitz to buy my train tickets to Toulouse for my tattoo session in May. :)

Had a long walk home, listening to Klangstabil, Trust and DSTR. Met a few people in the street, bums, punks and odd job city people and talked to them. It's nice to have the time and mental space to connect with people. Also, I am sometimes afraid I look scary but apparently I don't.

Once at home, I put Rome on, then Pretentious, Moi? (First try, after hearing the I Die:You Die guys raving about it, it was good! A recent goth band that I don't feel like making fun of, I'll take it!) Then Poordream – Ninetynine and FKA Twigs – LP1.


We watched the finale of Broadchurch. Mild spoilers: it wrapped things up nicely but was in my opinion very predictable. I made bets (with myself, since Math wasn't in a playful mood) and was 2/3 right. Honestly, I feel like this season was well executed regarding the depiction of the emotional impact of it all, but the investigation was a big let down. The series is coming back with a third season. Why not. But I'm not super excited about it.

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Fell asleep on Monday listening to The Music Of Erich Zann (woke up in the middle of the night with my earbuds on so it really knocked me to sleep good).

In the morning, I put some beats for Math to code on, Rotersand, Blush Response, Esa, Synapscape, Cubanate. Then I went out after lunch for a walk, listening to DSTR and The Gothsicles. :)


I took “my” table at Le Poutch and had a nice coffee while reading and listening to Displacer and Monolith. Then I walked back home along the canal St Martin, listening to The Audient Void by Iszoloscope (which made the walk shorter than I'd have liked it to be haha).

Back home, I put some Photek on, then some old school stuff (Cyberaktif, Doubting Thomas, Ministry – Stigmata era), and Coil – Musick To Play In The Dark.

Then, I was reading an article about 90's music and felt like listening to the Smashing Pumpkins so I put Siamese Dream on.


We watched Broadchurch and I was super irritated. Mild spoilers ahead: ok, so the kinky couple just went straight to domestic abuse now. Because this or kink, you know, what's the diff? I'm not saying it doesn't happen, and what's depicted could and does absolutely happen. But FOR ONCE that a non vanilla relationship is depicted on screen, why does it have to be the suspect, secretive couple? And why does it have to be a fucked up, non consensual, miserable travesty of a relationship? So many ughs.

And then, of course, you'd think they'd spare us the obvious, easy cliffhanger. But no, they had to do it. So cheap.

There was a redeeming, heartbreakingly beautiful moment, which makes it all even more annoying. How can the writers be on one hand so insensitive and on the other hand show two older women in love so beautifully?

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Ancillary Justice. I'm back into a reading groove again, put a lot of reading music onto my “bedroom ipod” (my smaller one got assigned that particular job and is full of ambient and/or instrumental music, conducive to either sleeping or reading).


Went asleep on Monday night listening to Wytchdoktor and had the first night without nightmares in a long while lol. So I guess music is the way to go, no matter how creepy. :P

Woke up and listened to Die Form and picked up my book again until Math woke up.

Then we listened to Controlled Bleeding – Core, Gridlock – Trace, Architect – Upload Select Remix 2.
I tried listening to Silversun Pickups, which I had liked from Vrittis' mixtape but rock music felt so alien. I tried and gave up. One of these days.

So I put some Acretongue on for lunchtime, then Haujobb, Covenant, Blush Response, Klangstabil, William Onyeabor and I went out to the physio listening to WULFband and biked listening to F242 (lol, much better than ESA).

Then we listened to Empusae – Sphere From the Woods and Autechre – Untitled.


We watched Broadchurch and yeah, the kink bit is getting worse. A bit of spoilers ahead. Why can't it be the Latimer that are into breath play? Why does it have to be the scheming couple with the secrets? Meh. Meh meh meh.

And she's not herself anymore when she's with him? Bitch please. She likes it rough, big whoop. OMG, this show, sometimes.
On the other hand, the scene between Ellie and her son. Finally.

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Oh dear, worst night ever (or in a long time). I had an episode of sleep paralysis. It's been happening to be on a regular basis for a few years now but it had been a while. It's still the most terrifying thing ever, I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Then I fell back asleep and had the most horrific nightmare. Ugh.

I began listening to Clémentine's mixtape with my morning coffee but turns out shoegaze is very high-pitched and I felt it wouldn't help my headache (I probably spent the night clenching my teeth so my jaw and my neck were super sore), so I changed to Klangstabil after 5 songs. I think I need to listen to the mixtape on the amps (instead of headphones), it would probably work better for me.

Then I listened to Cocksure's TVMALSV, DSX – Anonymous, Glass Apple Bonzaï, WULFband (love them!), 3TEETH, Zomboy, Venetian Snare (but Making Orange Things is a super BAD idea when you're on the verge of a migraine, go figure!), Mlada Fronta – Polygon.

We cleaned the flat a bit, so it was the perfect occasion to test again my second mixtape, which is done, except for a few sound levelling problems. It's quite trashy, I love it! I've put some Haujobb on as a palate cleanser though. :P

Then Music For A Slaughtering Tribe (again), a bit of Die Form (I quite like their latest song) and Kirlian Camera – Still Air (I forgot how much I loved this album, I haven't heard it in quite a while).


We opened the Duvel bottle we randomly found in a grocery store last night, then went to Valentin and had pedrito. Pedrito... We were the first there so we had an extra serving of the first slice (charred crispy pork goodness) between us.


We watched Broadchurch after a giggle fit that lasted for well over five minutes. First I sent my first mixtape to a friend after posting on FB about the second mixtape (which isn't ready). I was like, “so the trashy one isn't done, are you interested in this one first?” and she started listening and she was like “I love it! It's trashy but makes me want to dance!!”. Uh, love. This is not the trashy one.

:D :D :D

And of course Math made fun of the typo I made last time I blogged about Broadchurch, in a Scottish accent and all and I was tearing up. I think the tagline “Never a beak” is going to stick.

Broadchurch was good. Interesting developments, really strong moments, weaker, predictable ones, imho.


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