Jun. 18th, 2013 02:49 pm
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 I have finally finished my Tiffany cardigan! It took me forever, it was actually in time out for a while. The pattern is really not to blame, it is a fantastic pattern (Peacock Eye Cardigan by Justyna Lorkowska). I knitted it with Holst Garn Supersoft (single strand) in the Aquamarine colourway.

First, I had a hard time figuring how to finally knit a nice looking ribbing. I am a very loose knitter, so my ribs always look stretched out and sad. I knitted this cardigan with 3mm needles and had to go down to 2mm to knit the ribs so that they would look good. I also chose to make twisted ribs which are usually tighter than regular ribs.

So, struggle. And then, once the body was completed, I noticed I had dropped a stick around the waist level. I was so bummed! I laddered up the stitch and then decided to put the whole thing in time out. It took me a month or two to get the courage to fix the super tight stitches around where I had dropped the stitch and complete the whole thing. But there it is!

I fell in love with this project by Jettshin and it inspired me for the buttons. I love my new cardigan!


J'ai enfin fini mon cardigan Tiffany! Il m'a pris une éternité, il était même puni pendant un certain temps. Ca n'est vraiment pas la faute du patron, qui est fantastique (Peacock Eye Cardigan par Justyna Lorkowska). Je l'ai tricoté en HolstSupersoft (tricoté en simple), coloris Aquamarine.

J'ai d'abord eu du mal à enfin comprendre comment tricoter des côtes qui tiennent la route. Je tricote très lâche, et mes côtes avaient tendance à être toutes détendues et tristes. J'ai tricoté le gilet en aiguilles n°3, et j'ai dû descendre en 2 pour tricoter les côtes, pour leur donner un aspect plus élastique. J'ai aussi choisi de faire des côtes torses qui sont plus serrées généralement que les côtes normales.

Donc, galère. Et une fois le corps fini, je me suis rendue compte que j'avais lâché une maille par mégarde au niveau de la taille. J'étais dégoûtée! J'ai récupéré la maille jusqu'au côtes et j'ai décidé de mettre le projet "au coin". Ca m'a pris un mois ou deux pour retrouver le courage d'y retourner, et de machiner les mailles super serrées là où j'avais récupéré ma maille. Et je l'ai fini!

J'avais craqué sur ce projet par Jettshin, je m'en suis inspirée pour les boutons. J'adore mon nouveau cardigan!

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 I have recently aquired a cold blue primary, namely the Sapphire dye from Dharma. Well, this has been nothing but trouble and I have read enough complaint online to know that I'm not the only one.

-Edit: SO, I keep writing "Peacock" instead of "Sapphire" because it is in fact Peacock that has a bad rep. I purchased Sapphire instead, even though it isn't a true primary, to avoid all the trouble. AND I got the exact same problems people describe with Peacock. *sigh* Hence the confusion.-

So, it's a pretty colour. Although I think that deeply, I don't really like true blue. Here's Sapphire au naturel, at 1%DOS (with variegation):

(Well, there's a teensy hint of yellow, but it's not really perceptible, tbh. I just can't help it!)

The problems with this dye are numerous:

-it doesn't mix well with water. Well, there are many dyes that don't, so I could cope with this one. You have to stir carefully, and still, it's a pain in the ass.

-you should use it at once. If it sits for a day or more, the dye particle start to clump. And it leads to freckling when dyeing yarn. It isn't a huge problem at high DOS but when mixing at a lower DOS it really sucks. I've tried reheating it before use, filtering it through a stocking and a coffee filter but it still clumps. So if dyeing a pale green with this dye, chances are you'll end up with specks of deep blue here and there. Great.

-you cannot swatch it on tissue paper or a coffee filter to get an idea of what you're doing. Since the dyestock isn't homogenous, it just doesn't work. At all.

-and, if it wasn't enough, the dye particles do not seem to dissolve in water thoroughly, but sit at the bottom, which leads to a very unreliable dyestock, with mostly water at the top and a strong concentration at the bottom. Shaking, even if the dyestock was freshly made, is very important.

So, I'm looking for a true blue primary to replace this one. Any brand of acid dye. I would just really like it to be a true primary (not a mix of dyes). Any suggestions?

-Edit: I was recommended Sky Blue from Jacquard by a wonderful dyer. However I have read many bad reviews for that particular shade, which seems to behave similarly to Sapphire. I think clumping might be related to the nature of the water in one's home, its hardness and composition, since some people experiment a lot of problems and some none at all. I'm inclined to think I will have the same problems with Sky Blue but I might be wrong.-

Here's the "fun" part: I want to knit a shawl with Neon yellow and blue stripes, so I wanted to dye myself some Ophelia in merino silk yarn and then dye some in Neon yellow when I got my new batch of merino silk. Buuut Peacock acted up, of course and the blue base was muuuch stronger than the first time I dyed it. I added some yellow on top and got a completely different colour than intended.

It's still pretty, but really not what I wanted. Grmbl. I'll put it on sale on Ravelry and will dye it again. I like things to be predictable and controlled so this makes me very uncomfortable.

Anyway, it was a sort of rant, wasn't it? Here's a photo of 3 lovely skein a raveller bought from me. How lovely are they together? It's Abracadabra, Grenadine and Goth Diva.


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