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Tattoo is healing well, not itchy, not scabby yet. The cream the tattoo artist recommended me is really great. I've put small amounts on dry patches on my hands, my chapped lips and redness on my face and they've all receded after one application. This might become my new magical remedy.

Yesterday we picked the paint colours for our flat. The painter gave us the colour swatch, it's a huge pantone!! So much better than anything we've seen in shops! Exciting!

I saw [ profile] mirja and [ profile] x5nder yesterday. I can't believe it had been a year since we saw each other. It made me realize that I am not the best for keeping in touch with friends. I have a hard time writing lengthy emails (or lengthy anything, for that matter. It takes me at least an hour to write a blog entry like this) so anyone who isn't often on instant chat or facebook easily goes through the net of my less than perfect communication system.

I'm going to try to improve on that. This new blog might actually be a first step in keeping the communication open and constant. So people, if you read me, comment and say hi, so I know that you came by. :)
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 *cough* Hello? *cough*

Wow, I haven't written about myself for quite a while now! I update regularly my professional blog but it isn't really about myself. I must say I generally feel quite self-conscious when writing, whether it is in english or in french. Probably less in english since it isn't my native tongue and I can more easily forgive my own mistakes.

It boils down to that: I've always considered myself like a quite literate person, I love reading, I used to write quite a lot, I've studied literature at uni for 4 years. But I have actually all the shortcomings of someone interested in literature and little of the qualities. My writing tends to be unnecessarily complicated, my sentences are 3 or 4 sentences awkwardly melted in one, and, in the end, I can't convey much emotion, except maybe boredom?

Ha. Great introduction to gain readership, amirite?

I think maybe 5 years ago I finally faced the fact that my writing sucked. And it's sad, because I think that in real life I'm a witty and funny person. So, 5 years ago, I decided to quit over-complicating. Try to make shorter sentences. Even sentences that aren't really sentences. To write like I speak. I started working on a short novel. The beginning was promising. Well, promising to be better, in comparison to what had written before. I never finished it.

I think I'm not interested in writing fiction any more. But a journal...

I am at a point in my life where my work is starting to take a lot of place. It is amazing, fulfilling, but I must not let it eat me alive, I need to compartmentalize. My work started like a hobby, so it was entangled with my intimate life. Now that I'm actually running a company, I have progressively limited the amount of personal information I'm sharing on my pro accounts on the various social networks I'm on. Now, I'm mostly sharing trivial and fun stuff. The more personal stuff has nowhere to go anymore. It's been a few days, when I got to bed, that I felt the need to write about myself. So, I've opened this new shiny blog!

We'll see where it goes...

PS: finding a new username! Nightmare!! I don't think the perfect one will dawn on me like magic, so I've picked a rather rubbish one. It's really not to put my real name up, so it'll do.

PPS: there will be loads of friend only stuff, so leave me a message if you want to be added. I'll add friends or personal acquaintances mostly.


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