Apr. 7th, 2013 04:11 pm
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 Yesterday we went at MC with [personal profile] anatsuno , [personal profile] crazybutsound  and [personal profile] snakeling  to celebrate MC and Crazybutsound's birthdays. :D I'm exhausted after hours of dyeing so it's going to be a photodump with few words.

Some crocheting happened.

Here's Snowball.

Some mandatory cat petting happened.

Snakeling made some amazing cranberry/white chocolate and some praliné/honeycomb muffins.

A lot of them. :D (That's just the tip of the iceberg)

Some presents were given.

 I gave MC her Goth Diva, I think she liked it. :) Crazybutsound got a new computer. I think she liked it too. :D

My hair kept showing up in unexpected places. In Snakeling's tea and then in undyed yarn. So, yeah.

Muffins were eaten.

Some knitting happened.

And of course some dyeing. We dyed a custom colour together with MC. I think we'll call it Dame En Noir.
These are photos of the first steps. Then we added red.

Then we ate a delicious dinner and went home quite exhausted, full and happy. :)

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I'm still enjoying my holidays at [ profile] anatsuno 's, with [ profile] crazybutsound , Toby and Math. I'm still not doing much, just chatting, cooking, eating and watching Grey's Anatomy and movies: we watched the Faculty and Knight's tale (I didn't' watch it till the end, must watch it again another time) yesterday, and Desperado and Back to the Future I the day before.

2 days ago, we also visited ana's friend MC and had delicious home made brioche. MC, just like ana and [ profile] crazybutsound , is a passionate knitter. She dies and spins her own yarn and had made beautiful batches for my friend. She also makes amazing patchwork. I enjoy so much discovering things about crafts I have no knowledge about. I really want to manage my time better this year and be able to start some sewing project.

We had a lovely diner for NYE. Lots of foie gras (pâté and pan fried fried), mulled cider, Gewürztraminer, celery sweet potato ppurée chestnuts, and delicious pasteis de nata made by Toby. We started 2011 while in the middle of watching the Faculty. :)



Today, I did even less than the days before. We just watched Inception, which was ok. I enjoyed watching it but that's really it. Now, Guitar Hero is on and we might watch Moon later. Aw, lovely lovely break. Work is quite far from my mind at the moment and I needed that!


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