Jan. 17th, 2016

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I'm doing fine lately. I went to my GP yesterday and we agreed I could start withdrawing from the antidepressants. There's no hurry, so I'll decrease by a third for a month and we'll see then.
I have a cold so I've been pretty tired this week. GP didn't really want to prescribe me anything for it, which I actually love (my former GP was an overprescribing freak). It's almost gone today so. :)

Out and about

I haven't been out much, because cold and tired. I did meet up with Physalis on Wednesday and we shared a long hug and a few tears about David Bowie, the bombings and all that sucks.
I was supposed to go to a concert with Clémentine on Thursday but I was too wiped out to go anywhere.


I've been listening to a lot of Bowie, of course (Lodger, Low, Heroes, Outside and Blackstar). Also, Kite, Ancient Methods, Memmaker, Schwefelgelb, Haujobb, Pusha T, Blac Kolor... I made a quick techno industrial mixtape since I listen to a lot of the stuff lately.


Since Making A Murderer, I'm on a true crime binge. I've watched Jinx (my favourite so far) and The Staircase, and yesterday I watched Paradise Lost. All of them are pretty infuriating, and the last one hits close to home (teenagers into metal and dressing in black, accused to "satanic ritual" murders, blegh).
I am watching Portlandia with moderation ( I don't think I could handle seeing more than a couple in a row), and I've just started the US version of Broen, The Bridge. I like how it was transposed to the US/Mexican border and the woman disappearing in Juárez. The writers have most of the subplot (some needing more adaptation than others), certain key scenes (the journalist in the car with the bomb), and even certain bits of dialogue. Unfortunately, Diane Kruger isn't as convincing as Sofia Helin as an investigator with Asperger's. She mostly comes out as an irritating stickler for the rules. The writing of her character isn't consistent. Crucial bits were clearly kept to make her personality stand out (like when she learns that Hans, sorry, "Hank", is planning on leaving) but it just doesn't work. Sofia Helin was committed to her role and studied Asperger's a good deal to make it realistic. I wish that they wrote a different character for Diane Kruger (as I think they did in Le Tunnel, the French/UK version).


I haven't done much because sick, but I altered the Haujobb t-shirt I bought at PMD. They only had one specimen of the Blendwerk tee, in XL. I had to buy it. I cut off the sleeves, tightened the hips and widened the collar, so now it fits like an off the shoulder batwing top. I'm pretty chuffed about it. I finished all the seams with jersey binding, so it looks professional and sturdy.


I tried very hard to get into Viriconium but I guess it wasn't the right time. I've finally decided to put it aside and started on At The Mouth Of The River Of Bees by Kij Johnson and I'm glad I did. It is absolutely delightful and easy to read too (it bums me that it's become a major criterion for me, but it is what it is).


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