Apr. 27th, 2016

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I'm coming down with a cold. I'm a wreck this morning. I'm also sore from PT yesterday, which would be fine in normal condition, but adds an extra layer of hell today. Mood is good though.

Kitty is doing fine. Her meds seem to be helping. She is her regular old self now. It took a little while to adjust doses so she wouldn't be sick, but I think we're getting the hang of it.


Lost of Schwefelgelb, and we listened to Mlada Fronta and Cervello Elettronico while playing Netrunner. I really love this game! We had lots of fun (and I won both games, haha :P)


I finally watched Ex Machina. I was wary at first, when the trailer came out, because I don't exactly trust Alex Garland when it comes to the treatment of women, but good friends told me I was missing out and managed to change my mind.

Well, for starters, it is obviously gorgeous. Not just Ava's design, but the whole photography. It is sleek and hazy at the same time, which is fitting for a movie centered on the objectification of women.

Interesting, albeit not revolutionary, things are said about AIs. It's particularly relevant after the Tay fiasco. Vague spoilers ahead:

I'm glad Domnhall Gleeson did TFA, because he was getting close to being pigeonholed as a self-centered douchecanoe (thinking of Frank in particular, where he plays wonderfully the Good Guy™). As the movie unfolds, his character appears like an even worse person than Nathan, who is unabashedly using AIs for his own personal gratification. Caleb doesn't even consider the possibility that Ava might have agency, all the while posturing as his protector/friend/saviour. And I personally prefer assholes who know and do not hide what they are. Intentions aren't magical and all that.

Anyway, good plot, not revolutionary, but makes you think, and very enjoyable. (A teeny weeny bit of gore, let me know if you need CW)


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