Jan. 30th, 2016

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What a great night! And I'm not saying that only because I managed to haul my ass out at midnight even though I still have a bad, bad cold.

Yeah, the concerts started at 00:30 (luckily, The Horrorist was first so I was ready to pass out right after). And luckily, again, the taxis had ceased their strike, so I no longer had to contemplate walking back home (I'm about 45 min by foot from La Villette, which would normally not be a problem but oh boy, am I in bad shape!)

It seems that there was a distinct separation between the crowd who came for Salut C'est Cool and those who came for the infamous Oliver Chesler. As soon as the show began, people started getting rowdy but I still managed to navigate easily from one end to the other. I'm very happy with the shots I've got. A lot more diverse than what I've taken previously. Will post the whole set soon!

The Horrorist

The show was great, although very little recent material was played (and way too much from Manic Panic as far as I'm concerned, but I did appreciate the shortened version of "A Night in NYC" skipping the triggery ending altogether). Only one song from Fire Funmania (and my least favourite at that). No weird sex songs, sad Sophie. :P But also some new material! The security guys were more and more panicky as the concert went by as the stage kept catching fire when Oliver put his handheld light down. XD

My main complaint was that it was just too short (while Salut C'est Cool, while super fun and with a huge crowd of hardcore fan, overstayed their welcome. Well, it was their event, I think, so who am I to talk.)

So, yes, Salut C'est Cool gathered a very different crowd (most notably kigu wearers) and by the time their show started (almost 2am) everyone was altready pretty wasted. I sat in a booth and watched my friends and the rest of the crowd flail around and stumble into each other. SCC is a French nonsensical techno project with songs about making mashed potatoes, going to the pool and eating pizza. Fun. Maybe not for two hours. The average age of the crowd must have been around 22. And I thought I felt old at the Soft Moon (btw these guys got their gear stolen so help out if you can).

I waited for Alexander Robotnick but found out his set was very different to what I've heard from him before, not really my jam. So I packed and left (and I FORGOT MY VIAJANTE KILL ME NOW. Oh well, I was considering knitting another one, so I guess that's set. Pondering making it all silk but I'm afraid it would stretch out too much around the shoulders. Thoughts?)

I found a cab (after a 10 min walk without a scarf boo) and we chatted about the taxi strikes in Paris. He was very nice and exhausted (it was around 4am), and since there was no merch booth at the venue and I had a wad of cash left, I left him a big tip. Then, I was too pumped to fall asleep so I started sorting out the photos.in bed haha. I must have fallen asleep just before Math woke up.


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