Mar. 23rd, 2016

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I went back to the physio yesterday and had a good exercise session. I'm pretty sore today and I missed the feeling. :)

I worked for two days last weekend at the Salon des Vignerons Indépendants in Paris. Selling wine, lifting boxes, 9 hours a day with no break at all. It was actually quite enjoyable and I'm recovering nicely (not to mention that I attended a concert on Monday night, oops).


A Place To Bury Strangers was stellar. I can't wait to show you the photos I took (tomorrow, most likely. I'm waiting for Jill to put them up on her blog). 

I have acquired photo authorisations for Pelican and Velvet Condom next month as well.

Oh, and Clémentine and I have BOOKED OUR FLIGHT AND HOTEL FOR INFEST this August!!! My first festival! :D Trying to obtain a photo pass as well.

Music won't scrobble anymore so it's a pain to blog about music (I listen to so many things, I don't remember half of it). I'm listening to the preview of the upcoming SØLVE album (half of ∆AIMON). It's going to be a gorgeous release. Loving what I'm hearing.

I've listened to Velvet Condom, KVB, the new Memmaker, Iris... I've started listening to the bands that I don't know who will be performing at Infest too, Rroyce, Massive Ego... so far so good!


Math and I are still in the middle of our X-Files rewatch (with the aid of skippable). Clémentine also came over yesterday for our Fringe rewatch. We're at the beginning of season 3.

On my own, I'm watching Limitless, The Closer and The Office US in addition to the weekly stuff.


I cast on a hot water bottle cosy with Cascade 220 leftovers yesterday. I'm already halfway through (it's like a giant sock so far!).
I'm also halfway through my third Viajante. Whoo!


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