Apr. 25th, 2016

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Pretty wiped after two evenings out in 3 days. Headachy too. Blah! Nothing big, but I hope I can shake it off soon.


Clémentine and I went to see Liste Noire on Saturday night. They were very good. The vocalist is super talented! His stage presence and vocal range remind me a little of Brian Molko. I took some pictures of the evening (including the shows from Katzkab and Bootblacks)


Liste Noire

Go see the full album here

I'm now daring to request invitations to concerts as a photographer (so I have more money to drink, oops), and a journalist approached me at Essaie Pas and asked if she could use my pictures to go along an interview. 


Speaking of interview, I answered a few questions for Michael's A Darker Figure newsletter. We're talking music, books, my self-portrait project and disability. 


Yesterday we listened to the Mine LP (it's a bit different from the digital file and it feels like I'm rediscovering it, which is wonderful).

Then I listened to the new Schwefelgelb (I seriously can't wait to see them live!!), Cygnets and Seabound.


Still binging on horror movies (hey, guess what? I had already seen Spoorloos too lol). I really loved The Babadook. It plays with classic horror tropes and adds subtle and interesting twists. The use of music and sound effect is particularly clever. It does a good job building anxiety on mundane things and remains deeply anchored in reality. It's a beautiful exploration of grief and letting go and the cast is really brilliant.

I also watched The Taking Of Deborah Logan last night. So creepy! Creepy old people are a nice change from creepy kids. It is another found footage thing, with a twist since it revolves around Alzheimer's. Maybe a tad too long, I enjoyed the first part a whole lot better than the second part (which reminded me a little of The Descent, which I found very boring). Anyway, avoid if you're sensitive to the subjects of senility and mental decay, because it's pretty rough.


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