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My throat might be a little bit better (it didn't bother me once I managed to fall asleep last night). Otherwise I'm good!

Punky woke me this morning, not sure what time except too early. I was happy to find her in bed with me though, because she has been reluctant to use her kitty stairs to climb up to the couch or the bed lately. So we cuddled a bit and I rolled back into my duvet.

Out and about

I worked at the fabric shop all day yesterday. It was lovely! I went on Tuesday to get shown how the cash register system worked (went to the shop and back on foot!) so my work day was much easier than last time, when I had to write lil papers and have the customers pay in the other shop. I also came home on foot after work last night. My legs are a little sore today hehe.


I've been listening to TONS of Liste Noire. These guys amazed me live, really. I liked them before but now I just can't get enough.

Some Schwefelgelb too, natch, and I discovered the album by Mari & The Ghost, thanks to Jean Marc (half of the project) on FB. Go listen if you want some soothing music with an incredible female voice.


I've just finished season 1 of Bosch before lunch. It's very good! Although Bosch reminds me a bit of my father, or rather the idea I had of my father for a while.


Well! I've messed up several times (I think I frogged and cast on again 5 times) but I finally got the brioche right. It's so pretty and addictive.


I've also bought a little supplies yesterday to sew a project bag and started working on it earlier today.


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